Richard Robbins Master Academy Real Estate Conference ReCap

04 December 2018

By Phil Hollander

We had a fantastic time at Richard Robbins’ Master Academy Real Estate Conference last week!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to every real estate agent who stopped by our booth. We enjoyed speaking with each of you, and we are looking forward to helping you generate and convert substantially more real estate leads and referrals in 2019.

For real estate agents who did not attend the Master Academy Real Estate Conference last week, please visit the Morris Real Estate Marketing Group website to learn about our Real Estate Marketing Success Systems.

Morris Real Estate Marketing Group’s Success Systems are the leading real estate marketing systems in North America. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Turnkey, ready-to-go, multi-touch Real Estate Marketing Success System.
  • Direct mail and email marketing that is automated, highly customizable to your branding and personalized for your clients.
  • We do the work… design, writing, printing, mailing and more; you get the results.
  • Original monthly social media and blog copy.
  • A basic lead-generating website FREE with your Real Estate Marketing System.
  • The latest tried and proven real estate marketing techniques.
  • Expert real estate marketing advice.
  • The most powerful CRM in the real estate industry – IXACT Contact.

Morris Marketing Booth Richard Robbins Master Academy Real Estate Conference



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