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Your Cost-Effective Rookie Realtor Marketing Strategy

We developed this marketing system because we want new real estate agents to succeed. As a new Realtor, you’ve already discovered that getting your real estate career started can be financially challenging. This is because you have to:

  • manage expenses when you haven’t earned any commission income yet,
  • develop a business with a limited budget and limited resources, and
  • get started with an effective marketing strategy.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you. We provide the guidance you need to get your real estate marketing success systems started and the strategy and tools you need to build your base of prospects and clients — all without breaking the bank!

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Carol Edwards
The Rookie Realtor offer, has been a tremendous help in my first year in real estate. So far 60% of my business has come from referrals. I’m confident that this system will continue to help me grow and become even more successful in real estate. I highly recommend Morris Real Estate Marketing Group to new Realtors.
Carol Edwards

Terry Kirkwood
I have only been using the Client Referrals System from Morris Real Estate Marketing Group for just over a year, and I have already received 13 referral transactions from it. The Client Referrals System is flexible and customizable system. I highly recommend the Client Referrals System to other agents who want more referral business.
Terry Kirkwood

Dominique Milne
I have been using the Client Referrals System offered by Morris Real Estate Marketing Group for less than a year now and I am already very pleased with the results I’ve achieved. I have already received more than eight referrals from the system and I have generated over $60,000 in income.
Dominique Milne

Client Testimonial
Our company, Re/Max First, has worked with Morris Real Estate Marketing Group for over 15 years. A large percentage of our agents use Morris to help increase business from past clients and referral sources. Morris is a unique company that provides a complete range of services. Our agents have had great success using their Systems.
Brian O’Donahue

Richard Robbins
The Real Estate Marketing Success Systems will help you build lasting relationships with clients, hot prospects your referral sources, almost effortlessly. I strongly endorse these systems and encourage you to try them. I believe so strongly in the positive impact these systems can have, they are an integral component of my Real Estate Training program.
Richard Robbins

Professional Realtor Marketing: Generate And Convert Real Estate Leads Like a Pro!

Real Estate Agent Recommending Rookie Realtor Special Offer
Designed to Be the Best Real Estate Marketing Success System for Rookie Realtors

The Rookie Realtor Special Offer provides the direction and easy-to-use marketing engine you need to get your marketing plan started and to generate your foundation of prospects and clients in a cost-effective way. In fact, the first 6 months are free*!

This 6-month special offer is only available to new real estate agents who have been licensed for less than 12 months.

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Included in The Rookie Realtor Special Offer*:
  • Up to 50 printed newsletters mailed per month (not shipped to office).
  • An automated monthly e-Newsletter.
  • A copy of The Referral Marketing Book.
  • IXACT Contact® CRM for real estate agents.
  • A responsive and mobile-friendly agent website.
  • Free coaching session.
  • Social media content.

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*Postage, Newsletter Handling and Shipping not included. After your six free months, you can cancel at any time. You have no obligation to continue. There are no long-term contracts. In your seventh month, we will automatically begin processing payments as per the fees detailed on our subscription form. To cancel your account, please refer to the terms and conditions on our subscription form.

Please note that the Rookie Realtor marketing program is an exceptional offer for new real estate agents not offered by any other company. Therefore, all we ask is that you notify us in writing before we take payment in your 7th month if you don’t plan to continue. We do not send a reminder notice. Payments processed in your seventh month will not be refunded.

To qualify as a Rookie Realtor, you need to be licensed for less than one year. You can verify your first-year status by sending us a copy of your real estate license, certificate or diploma, or a signed letter from your Broker. Your document can be sent by Email or Fax to: 416.252.4328 or Mail to: Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, 137 Bentworth Avenue, Toronto, ON M6A 1P6.



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