Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Client Referral System?

Think of a Client Referral System as a systematic approach to marketing to past clients in order to build those relationships and get more referrals. Typically, the system includes direct mail, email, social media, CRM, and other real estate marketing tools. Since past clients have the opportunity to recommend an agent two to three times each year, this group can be a lucrative source of referrals.

What is Community Marketing?

Community marketing is also known as “geographic farming.” Essentially, you’re marketing to a specific geographic area or community to become top-of-mind with those homeowners and be seen as the go-to agent. Community marketing works best when you use a good geographic farming system.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Specifically, it is a software or online app that helps you manage your contacts, listings, calendar, task list, and other business activities all in one convenient place. The best real estate CRMs are those that have all the tools agents need to manage their businesses, are easy to set up and use, and automatically sync across all devices (phone, laptop, etc.) Try the IXACT Contact CRM for real estate professionals available through Morris Real Estate Marketing Group!

What is a Geographic Farming System?

A Geographic Farming System is defined as systematic approach to marketing to residents in a specific geographic area, neighbourhood, or community. The best such systems use real estate direct mail because that’s the most effective way to reach residents on a regular basis (ideally, monthly) to position you as the go-to agent for their area.

What is Referral Marketing?

Referral Marketing is an active marketing approach for generating more referrals. Many real estate agents sit back and just hope referrals come in from past clients and other sources. That sometimes happens. However, you’ll generate far more referrals if you take an active approach, such as using a Client Referrals System to get more referrals from past clients.

What is Referral & Repeat Marketing?

Similar to referral marketing, repeat marketing specifically involves marketing to past clients to build loyalty with that group. When you do this, you’ll see more referrals coming in, along with repeat business when they move again. Over a decade, one client can move two or three times—and be in a position to recommend you 20–30 times! That’s a lot of potential business.

Do I need a real estate specific CRM?

It’s highly recommended for real estate agents to use a CRM designed specifically for the real estate industry. If you go with a general CRM, you’ll need to customize it on your own to make it work for you as a real estate agent. That requires a lot of tinkering. Also, you probably won’t be able to manage your real estate marketing with it. For example, it may not have real estate specific content for DRIP emails and e-newsletters. You’ll manage your business and marketing more effectively if you use a specialized CRM built for real estate agents.

What is IDX?

IDX means Internet Data Exchange. Don’t let the technical language scare you! It’s simply a type of data feed that allows for up-to-date listing information to be displayed on your website. It can help attract and convert more prospects because they’re on your website viewing listings—and when they find a property they like, you’re the obvious agent to call.

What is geographic farming?

Geographic farming is a marketing technique that involves focusing on a specific area, neighbourhood, or community. When you’re in regular contact with residents in that area, you become top-of-mind and positioned as the go-to agent. As a result, when someone needs an agent, there’s a much higher likelihood they’ll call you. Agents who succeed with that tactic often use a good geographic farming system.

Why am I not getting results in my geographic farm, and how can Morris help?

The number one reason why a geographic farm may not be getting results for you is lack of regular (monthly) contact with residents in the area. You need a good geographic farming system to make this happen. Check out this helpful article: Why Your Farm Isn’t Producing Enough Real Estate Leads

Should I send direct mail newsletters or postcards?

Although both are effective, direct mail newsletters have several advantages over postcards. A newsletter contains helpful content, such as how-to articles, which builds relationships with your prospects and clients—resulting in more leads, lead conversions, and referrals. Newsletters tend to be appreciated more by recipients. People look forward to receiving them. Also, with so many agents sending postcards, sending an eye-catching and value-packed direct mail newsletter makes you stand out from the competition.

Do I qualify for the Rookie Realtor program?

The Morris Marketing Rookie Realtor program is an excellent, money-saving program for new agents who want to use our real estate marketing systems to generate more leads and referrals. You qualify if you’ve been a licensed agent for less than one year. All you need to do is send us a scan or picture of your real estate license, certificate or diploma, or a signed letter from your Broker.

How do I stay in touch with long-term prospects?

Most agents just call occasionally or send emails to stay in touch with long-term prospects. Some don’t follow up at all, causing the lead to fall through the cracks. The best approach to converting long-term leads is to stay-in-touch monthly with a high-value direct mail newsletter. This keeps you top-of-mind and makes you the obvious choice when the prospect is ready to sell.

What is a real estate marketing company?

A real estate marketing company is simply a company that offers marketing services, tools, and systems to real estate agents to help them grow their businesses. The best such companies offer proven real estate marketing systems and have plenty of satisfied clients and testimonials.

Who writes your real estate marketing content?

All our provided content is written by our own writers, who are highly knowledgeable on the topics of real estate, sales, and marketing. Our content is original, so you can be confident your prospects and clients are receiving news, tips, and updates from you they won’t find anywhere else.

Can I order custom real estate holiday cards through Morris Marketing Group?

Yes. Custom holiday cards are available exclusively to Morris Marketing Group’s existing clients.

What is a Marketing Success System?

Many agents struggle because their marketing is sporadic or “hit and miss.” They don’t know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how. A real estate marketing success system solves this problem because it puts your marketing into a proven system that’s easy to manage. When you have the right marketing success system working for you, you generate and convert more leads and referrals, more consistently—and with less work and uncertainty.

What is Morris Real Estate Marketing Group's relationship with IXACT Contact?

IXACT Contact is a sister company of Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. In fact, we all work in the same building. IXACT offers the best real estate CRM in the industry, which we, Morris, include in many of our real estate marketing systems. Like us, they’re committed to excellent client service and helping you become a more successful agent.

How can I get more referral leads and sales?

By far, the best way to get more referral leads and sales is to consistently stay in touch with past clients, hot prospects, and homeowners in your geographic farm. Your tactics should include a combination of real estate direct mail, email, social media, calls, and visits. That may seem like a lot of work, but if you use the right real estate marketing system, it’s actually very easy and takes only a couple hours each month. To learn more, download a FREE copy of our Marketing Success System Guide.

How are Morris Marketing Group’s direct mail newsletters different from other newsletters on the market?

We’ve been helping real estate agents succeed for decades. In that time, we’ve learned exactly how to create a direct mail newsletter that stands out and positions you as the go-to agent. When you use our real estate marketing systems, you get a newsletter that stands out, communicates your brand, contains high-value information your clients and prospects look forward to each month, and gets you more referrals and leads.

How often should I contact my database to increase real estate referrals?
  • Once a month with a direct mailed printed newsletter
  • Once a month with an email market update
  • 2–4 times a year, make a call grounded in the purpose of relationship-building
  • Once a year, schedule an in-person visit
  • Each year, send a card to celebrate a birthday or a move-in anniversary
  • Once a year, extend an invitation to a client appreciation event

To learn more about how to increase referrals, download a FREE copy of our Marketing Success System Guide.

How often should I contact my database to convert real estate leads to clients?
  • Once a month, reach out to your database leads via direct mail and email
  • Schedule a bi-weekly phone call with those prospects who are likely to be moving soon
  • A recurring quarterly phone call to long-term “moving later” leads helps to keep you top of mind
  • Easily setup drip email campaigns to specific types of prospects (such as FSBOs) using Morris Marketing Group’s proven success systems
  • Show appreciation with an invitation to any client appreciation events you are hosting

To learn more about how to convert more leads, download a FREE copy of our Marketing Success System Guide.

What should be included in my annual real estate checkups with current and past clients?

First and foremost, your goal when checking up with current and past clients is to continue to build the relationship, so they become loyal to you and—when the opportunity arises—recommend you to friends and neighbours. To do that, your annual real estate checkup should include a conversation about how much they’re enjoying their property, whether or not their home still meets their needs, and the value of their home in today’s market.

What are the components of Morris Marketing Group's Real Estate Marketing Success Systems?

In our decades of experience helping real estate agents get more leads and referrals, we’ve found that a multifaceted approach works best. That’s why our real estate marketing success systems include many tools, such as direct mail newsletters, emails, social media, CRM, agent websites, and more. Explore the components of any of our marketing systems.

How can I access my real estate CRM?

It’s simple to access your real estate CRM. Go to our website and click LOGIN. (That’s located on the upper right of your screen on your desktop, and at the top of the menu bar on your mobile.) You’ll need your username and password. If you have any difficulties, contact us.

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