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Become the #1 Listing Agent in Your Geographic Farm

Without question, real estate direct mail is the best way to reach a community or “Geographic Farm” and build your reputation with those residents. Our direct mail newsletter for Realtors, the Real Estate Update, does that for you.

Sent monthly, the Real Estate Update engages residents with high-interest content that will position you as their go-to Realtor. The result? More leads and listings for you!


The Real Estate Update

The Direct Mail Real Estate Newsletter for Successful Geographic Farming

  • Stunning design that gets attention.
  • A map showing the area (They’ll immediately see it’s intended for them).
  • Option to customize with your own branding.
  • Original and valuable articles that residents will welcome receiving.
  • You are featured as the author of the update, which builds your reputation.
  • A community section, which can be customized with your own personal message, client success stories, community events or ads from local businesses.
Example Of Community Market Report For Real Estate Marketing

Special Edition for Condos!

Establish yourself as the condominium’s Realtor of choice.
  • Builds your brand with condo owners, so you become their go-to Realtor.
  • A photo of the property featured on the front page.
  • Custom articles tailored to condo owners.

Powerful Customization Features will Help you Achieve Higher Results with your Geographic Farming System

You can customize your Real Estate Update in several ways. For example:
  • Provide a list of recommended home service professionals.
  • Showcase your area listings and solds.
  • Promote a community event or seminar.
  • Provide a list of fun things to do in the area.
  • Create a real estate Q&A.
  • Feature ads from local businesses.
  • Run contests for kids (i.e. colouring contest).
  • And much more.

The Industry’s Best Real Estate Geographic Farming System

We don’t just provide customized, automated direct mail newsletters for real estate agents. We’re also the leading provider of automated Real Estate Marketing Success Systems in North America.

Thousands of real estate professionals achieve higher levels of success by using our systems-based marketing approach. Our proven real estate marketing success systems help you generate and convert more leads and referrals, at a rate that increases year after year. Whether you’re looking for just real estate direct mail newsletters or want to learn more about our Real Estate Marketing Success Systems, give us a call for more info—we’re here to help.

We encourage experienced agents to consider our proven Geographic Farming System and recommend our Rookie Relator Program to new real estate agents.

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Marianne Baird Anderson
Sending my own flyers, I generated just one or two listings per year. Then I tried the Geographic Farming System and the results are amazing. I had 2 listings in December that sold quickly. In January I had 3 listings, 2 of which sold. From the newsletter sent this week, I’ve done 2 appraisals with another coming up.
Marianne Baird Anderson

Charlie Pace
The Community Marketing Report is informative, professional and allows me to customize content monthly. In the four months since I started using the Geographic Farming System, I can attribute 3 transactions directly to it. If you’re an established or newer Realtor trying to build and maintain a client base, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group is for you.
Charlie Pace

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