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  • Relationship-building e-newsletter
  • Ready-made drip email campaigns
  • High-interest social media posts
  • Powerful real estate recruiter CRM
  • And much more
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Your Automated, All-In-One Real Estate Recruiting System

Wondering how to recruit real estate agents for your office? These days it’s almost impossible with merely your website and traditional networking. To recruit effectively, you need a systematic approach to building relationships, so when an agent decides to switch brokerages, you get the call.

In fact, the main reason brokers struggle with recruitment is their inability to market effectively and efficiently. You need to produce and send great content, consistently, to targeted agents — the kind of content that builds their interest in your office. That’s hard to do on your own.

The Real Estate Recruiting System solves that problem. It’s a complete, automated set of brokerage tools that make it easy — really easy — to keep in touch with agents and get them thinking about working with you. In fact, we provide professional, relevant pre-written copy that is sent on your behalf with your branding. No wonder it’s the industry’s best real estate recruiting system for recruiting real estate agents.

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An e-Newsletter That Gets Agents Excited About Working With You

What do agents want? They want practical tips and techniques for getting more listings and growing their businesses. That’s why one of the brokerage tools you get with The Real Estate Recruiting System is an automated monthly e-newsletter packed with short, how-to articles. When your targeted agents read it each month, they’ll become curious about your office and imagine how working with you will boost their careers.

Win agents over with an e-newsletter that features insightful, professionally written articles and practical training tips that establish you as an authority:

  • Original, professional-written content agents won’t find anywhere else.
  • A personal message from you that motivates agents to reflect on their businesses and become curious about what it could be like to work at another company. It gets them to call you first. (It’s professionally written, but you can edit it as you wish or write your own message.)
  • As an option, you can create your own custom-designed header to match your branding.

The e-newsletter is created for you each month, and sent automatically to your agent prospects. What a time saver!

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Social Media And Blog Content That Creates Buzz And Interest In Your Real Estate Brokerage

Chances are, your targeted agents are active on social media. They often look for helpful information and to connect with industry contacts. Now it’s easier to be part of that conversation. The Real Estate Recruiting System includes a monthly list of custom-written social media posts that will gain the interest of agents and drive them to your website.

All posts are written for you and designed to position your office as the ideal place for real estate agents looking to grow their businesses. These ideal posts can assist you in recruiting real estate agents for your growing firm.

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Target Specific Agent Groups With Powerful Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

Want to recruit experienced real estate agents? How about eager millennials just starting out? Or perhaps you’re looking for superstar agents who want to expand their success? With The Real Estate Recruiting System, you get a buffet of strategically-written email campaigns that are ready-to-go. Each is designed to get results by getting agents to learn about, and become interested in, your office.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to implement. Simply pick the email campaign that best fits your target and then launch.

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Quick And Easy Mass Emailing

When you have news, updates or other information you want to get out to your targeted agents right away, The Real Estate Recruiting System makes it easy. You can create a message, select recipients, and send a mass email in just a few clicks.

As with the monthly e-newsletter, these emails can be branded with your own email header and signature section and come with reporting tools to track opens, clicks and other data.

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Real Estate Agent Utilizing Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Harness The Power Of Text Messages

Text messages are a powerful way to reach agent prospects. The open rate is almost 100%. And, the replies come in fast — often within minutes! That’s why we’ve included this feature as one of the brokerage tools in The Real Estate Recruiting System. You can send personalized mass texts to the agents you target, or to a customized selection of contacts, and receive text notifications of replies to your phone. All of these steps can lead to a proactive approach for recruiting real estate agents.

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How We Help You Keep In Touch With A Coach For Real Estate Marketing

The Automated "Keep In Touch Coach" Fine-Tunes Your Real Estate Recruiting Efforts

Take your agent recruiting to the next level. With the Keep In Touch Coach, you can define how often to connect with targeted agents based on where they are in the recruiting process. For example, if an agent takes a meeting with you and becomes a hot prospect, the system will automatically adjust the frequency of your keep-in-touch efforts. This saves you time and hones your recruiting for better results.

And you’ll love the dashboard. When you log in each morning, you’ll see front and center who you need to call that day, so the opportunity to recruit an ideal agent never falls through the cracks.

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Infographic Example Of CMS For Real Estate Marketing

A Contact Management System For Real Estate Agents That Keeps You Connected

The Real Estate Recruiting System includes IXACT Recruiter, a full-featured real estate CRM that puts agent information, communications and relationship-building at your fingertips. It’s web-based, so you can use it across all your devices. And with all its automation tools, it’s like having a hard-working virtual assistant helping you manage all your recruiting tasks.

IXACT Recruiter comes with all the communications and contact management functionality you’d expect from the industry’s best real estate broker CRM:

  • Full contact profiles. (Plus categorization, social intelligence and search.)
  • Wireless sync with all your devices, including MS-Outlook, GSuite, and more.
  • Calendar and task lists with a full suite of features.
  • Goal setting and tracking to keep you informed and motivated by your recruitment goals and progress.
  • A keep-in-touch coach that reminds you when to touch base with targeted agents — and adjusts automatically based on where that person is in the recruitment pipeline.
  • And much more

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How Our Real Estate Agent Recruiting Pipeline Works

See Your Real Estate Recruiting Pipeline At A Glance

Is an agent a new lead? Has there been any communication with you in the past? Is the agent actively looking for a change? Knowing the agent’s stage in the recruiting process helps you refine your approach — and increases the likelihood you’ll secure that recruit.

With the business pipeline feature, you can see at a glance who your hot agent prospects are, where they are in the pipeline, and what you need to do next.

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Real Estate Goal Setting & Tracking Made Easy

How many targeted agents do you want to have join your team this year? What do you need to do to achieve that goal?

The Real Estate Recruiting System lets you set up a customized roadmap to reaching your agent recruitment goals. You simply create your objective — for example, “25 new agents this year” — and then work backwards, listing what you need to do to achieve that goal. The tracking feature keeps you on track, letting you see your progress with helpful charts.

You always know how well your recruitment efforts are doing and what you need to do next.

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Automated Lead Capture

Never lose a recruitment lead again. Manually cutting and pasting leads from website forms into a contact database is time-consuming and prone to errors. This is not an effective approach for recruiting real estate agents. You don’t want to lose a hot recruitment opportunity! That’s why we also include automated lead capture. When a new agent lead comes in, you get an immediate email or text alert (or both) so you can respond quickly. In addition, the contact details are automatically uploaded into the IXACT Recruiter CRM for follow-up and nurturing.

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The Company You Can Trust for Help Recruiting Real Estate Agents - Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

As a 3rd generation family-owned company, established in 1929, we know firsthand what it takes to build a thriving business. It takes systems! That’s the reason we work so hard to create marketing systems that work — and work hard — for our clients.

As with all our solutions, The Real Estate Recruiting System is automated and done-for-you. You spend less time on production and other marketing tasks, and more time enjoying the results!

This system will help you attract the agents you need to build the team you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the Real Estate Recruiting System?

It’s a complete and done-for-your recruitment system, which includes:

  • IXACT Recruiter, the best real estate CRM for brokers
  • Monthly e-newsletter. (Professionally-written.)
  • Ready-made social media posts
  • Drip marketing campaigns. (Already written for various goals, such as recruiting new agents or recruiting experienced real estate agents.)
  • Text marketing
  • Mass emailing
  • Recruiting pipeline
  • Keep-in-Touch Coach
  • Goal setting and tracking
What happens after the free trial period is over?

You get 5 weeks to try The Real Estate Recruiting System. That’s plenty of time to use your real estate CRM tools, e-newsletter, mass emails, text messaging, and other powerful features. If, at the end of the trial, you wish to continue with the system, you do nothing. You’ll automatically be subscribed. If you wish to cancel, simply contact us.

Can I import my contact database from another system?

Yes. We will do the import for you! All you need to do is send us an Excel or CSV file and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I export my data out of The Real Estate Recruiting System?

Yes. In fact, it’s very easy. You simply click one button to export your contact records to an Excel file.

Will your company be around in five years?

We’re not a start-up! We’ve been in business for over 90 years, and we’re dedicated to helping real estate agents and brokers succeed. Our real estate marketing systems are used by thousands throughout North America. So, you can be confident in knowing that, when you need us, we’ll be here.

If I choose to subscribe to the system, will I be locked into a long-term contract?

We hate long-term contracts as much as you do! So, no, you will not be locked in. In fact, if at any time you’re not delighted with The Real Estate Recruiting System, you can simply cancel your subscription.

I have questions. Can I talk to someone about the real estate agent recruiting system?

Of course. You can contact us anytime. We’d be happy to discuss your agent recruitment goals, real estate agent recruiting ideas, and how our system can help. Click here to use our contact form or send an email. You can also call us during regular business hours at 1.800.308.6134.

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