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5 Biggest Mistakes Realtors Make When Geographic Farming

real estate geographic farmingGeographic farming (also called community marketing) is the most effective way to build your client list. This does not mean, however, that you will instantaneously get the results you want. Becoming the number one real estate agent in your chosen geographic farm takes time and know-how. It also involves knowing what not to do.

Here are the top five mistakes Realtors make when farming their chosen community:

1. Choosing the wrong neighbourhood to farm.

When choosing the right community to farm, there are several factors to consider. Luckily, we’ve written an article that shows you step-by-step how to select the perfect geographic farm for your needs: [insert article title/link here].

2. Not sending direct mail newsletters.

Relationship building is the foundation of community marketing. This cannot be accomplished with bus bench advertising or billboards. You must provide something tangible, interesting and valuable to the homeowner that they can look at in their home. This means eye-catching, customized real estate newsletters with compelling content. If you’re not convinced that direct mail works, read these interesting stats.

3. Sending the wrong messaging at the wrong frequency.

Are postcards cheaper than direct mail newsletters? Yes, they are. But dropping a generic postcard sporadically is not going to cut it in terms of relationship building and – the ultimate goal – achieving top-of-mind status as the Realtor to call and refer. Postcards are most effective when they are supplementing a regimented community marketing system that includes direct mail newsletters, drop-ins and phone calls.

4. Not getting “face” time.

Let’s face it, door knocking can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Introducing yourself in-person to your community, however, is a game changer. Here’s an article to help you build relationships while skipping the awkwardness: Real Estate Sales Scripts for Canvassing a Neighbourhood. In addition to canvassing, you can join or host community activities. Here are some [summer ideas for networking with your geographic farm].

5. Giving up too soon.

Real estate agents, especially inexperienced ones, will often set their expectations high and expect immediate results. Think about it like this. What are the odds of meeting someone at a mall and becoming instant best friends? It can happen, but what is more likely is that you meet someone and carefully cultivate a relationship that begins with being casual acquaintances and ends with the two of you becoming inseparable. This can take many months to happen. This is also true of geographic farming. It takes time, work and constant contact to build yourself up to the level of a top-of-mind, go-to agent.


Yes, it’s true that geographic farming takes time and effort. Luckily, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group is here to help. Learn more about our Real Estate Community Marketing System today!

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Happy National Relaxation Day!

Real Estate Humour

Christian Louboutin said, “If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.”

Christian Louboutin was not a real estate agent.


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How to Connect with Your Geographic Farm on a Regular Basis

Top real estate agents don’t tend to sit at their desk waiting for the phone to ring. Instead, you’ll likely find them seeking out new and interesting ways to interact with the members of their community. This habit not only provides excellent networking opportunities, it serves as motivation to do more business. That’s why, last month on the Morris Real Estate Marketing Group blog, we offered  5 Summer Ideas for Networking with Your Geographic Farm. The article covered how to host or get involved in summer events. Today, we’re giving you ideas for relationship and reputation building activities within your chosen community.

real estate agent connects with geographic farm

5 Ways to Connect with Your Geographic Farm on a Regular Basis

  1. Start a neighbourhood Blog or Vlog

Interview local business owners and residents with interesting stories or careers. Publish interesting photos from around your neighbourhood. And make sure to encourage guest posts from entrepreneurs, event organizers, local schools, etc.

  1. Volunteer in your community

If you do a bit of online research, you’re likely to find many opportunities to volunteer – perhaps at a local school or community centre, as a little league coach, or even an animal shelter.

  1. Join or start a book club

Book clubs are a great way to build relationships with local residents, while also giving you motivation to carve out some reading time!

  1. Take a class

Learn a new skill while building your top-of-mind status with homeowners in your geographic farm. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn French or build an ottoman or paint a still life? Here’s an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – build relationships and discover a new talent!

  1. Host an ongoing workshop

As a Realtor you have a unique skill set and possess knowledge that homeowners who are thinking about buying or selling need to know. In addition, you likely have a network of professionals who can also share their knowledge. Why not host a regular workshop with alternating guest speakers?

These are just 5 ways that you can get involved in your geographic farm on an ongoing basis. The more people see and get to know you, the faster the word will spread about what a valuable resource you are for the community. You can, however, speed up that word of mouth process with a full Real Estate Marketing Success System in place – one that includes direct mail newsletters, email updates, social media and more.

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Real Estate Tools Are Great. Make Sure to Actually Use Them

Today we have Ryan Tollefsen, founder and team leader of Unity Home Group, stopping by the Morris Real Estate Marketing Group blog to give us tips for incorporating real estate tools into the everyday activities of your team.

real estate marketing tools

Real Estate Tools Are Great. Make Sure to Actually Use Them.

Real estate agents want to sell more homes and they want to do it quickly. To accomplish this, they may choose to buy applicable software and automation tools. Teams that truly adopt these tools into their systems often see great results. However, with any new technology, system, or policy, it can be relatively easy for team members to slip back into old habits if management does not clearly lay out a plan to make these things second-nature to them. So, how should a team leader go about implementing a new system with their agents?

Invest in Training

New technology may only get proverbial lip-service when training doesn’t happen. Agents need to know how to use tools to make them part of their daily routine. Let them see how technology can speed up important processes, create a single source of updated information and more. Anyone who is given the task of employing new technology and software needs to know what it can do for them. Managers need to be mindful of:

  • The importance of associating new tools to specific tasks performed by agents and organizing training to meet existing needs.
  • Fitting utilization of new technology into the natural workflow of an agent. Reduce the need for agents to change long-held habits or take on extra work to complete a simple task.

Create a Process (That You’ll Stick To)

Agents are more likely to use tools that are intuitive, user-friendly and support their current processes. Larger companies may want to test out new software in a trial with high-performers first to get a better sense of how these tools can be used, and leverage the information gathered to provide motivation to the rest of the team.

High-performing team members will appreciate being part of a team effort to create a process that enhances their productivity and helps them hit goals. Their engagement can provide invaluable feedback to create a process of true value to the entire team of agents.

Don’t Fall into Old Habits

It’s common for some to go back to what is familiar, inefficient as it may be. If this is the case, additional training may be necessary. Team leaders need to provide continued support and motivation, especially in early stages of adoption.

Providing additional hands-on trainings and highlighting how certain features are helping key performers exceed their usual goals can help with the formation of new habits and strengthen the motivation to continue using the offered software and automation tools, especially when it comes to real estate paperwork.

Increase Technology Adoption Rates

Remember to continue the conversation after the initial introduction of new technology. The use of tools and the opportunities that come with it can be a game changer for agents. After it becomes a habit, team members will wonder how they ever got by without them.

Ryan Tollefsen is the founder and team leader of Unity Home Group.

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5 Minute Tips: Prep Your Home for Viewing

Real Estate Agents, here is a list that you can share with your clients before you schedule viewings or open houses to help them show their home in the best light:


5 Minute Tips: Prep Your Home for Viewing

You have potential buyers coming but you’re already running late for work. What can you do in 5 minutes that will have the most impact?

5 Minute Home Cleaning

  1. Tidy the foyer / front entrance.

The front entrance is the first impression of your home. Put away your family’s shoes, hats, jackets, mail, etc.


  1. Turn on lights and open the curtains.

Brighter homes look larger and more welcoming. Your real estate agent would be happy to turn off the lights and close the curtains after the prospective buyers have left, if you ask them.


  1. Give the powder rooms a once-over.

Put the toilet lids down, wipe any hair and toothpaste spills from the sink, and put away toiletries.


  1. Remove personal items.

Quickly go through your home and remove personal items such as family photos, bills and jewellery. This will help potential buyers picture themselves making the home their own.


  1. Shake off your welcome mat.

Make sure your welcome mat is clean, free of leaves, bugs or other outdoor distractions that have a habit of accumulating.

This quick and easy task list will help you present your home to buyers in the best light, and it will ensure your mind doesn’t wander back to your house throughout the day with worries that you did not leave your home as clean as you could have.

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