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New Morris Real Estate Marketing Group Website Coming Soon

New Real Estate Marketing WebsiteYour team at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group has big news. We are about to launch a new and improved website!

In just a few short weeks, you will have access to our brand new site, which will be better designed to provide you with marketing tools for real estate growth and success. This includes Morris Marketing’s proven Lead Generation Systems:

Client Referrals System

Geographic Farming

Lead Conversion System

Rookie Realtor Program

Can’t wait for the new website launch? Simply contact a real estate marketing expert today to learn how partnering with us can help you reach your lead generation and lead conversion goals.

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5 Reasons Realtors Should Have a Personal Website

4 Reasons Realtors Should Have a Personal WebsiteAs a Realtor, you know searching for real estate-related information on the Internet has become an important part of the home buying process. Whether it’s to find an agent, view listings or educate themselves about real estate, home buyers are exploring online content more frequently to find what they need. According to the 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, as shared by the National Association of REALTORS®:

  • 92 percent of home buyers used the internet at some point during the home buying process.
  • 50 percent used a mobile website or app during the home buying process.
  • 43 percent of home buyers chose to look at homes online as the first step in the home buying process.
  • 12 percent of home buyers looked online first to learn more about the home buying process.

Having a real estate agent website makes it possible to supply these potential clients with information they are searching for and establish a connection in doing so; however, if that is not enough, here are five specific reasons why all Realtors should have a personal website:

1. Realtor Websites Are Great Resources for First-Time Home Buyers

As previously stated, 12 percent of home buyers start their journeys with an online search to learn about the overall home buying process. A personal Realtor website is a great channel to attract and educate potential clients who are new to real estate. Specifically, Realtors should try to include a blog on their site. A blog is an ideal platform for sharing helpful content, and it can also help you generate top of mind awareness with your website visitors.

For example, first-time home buyers might conduct searches based on the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of buying as opposed to renting?
  • Why should I consider using a real estate agent?
  • What costs do I need to consider when buying a home?
  • What are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a home loan?
  • Which type of mortgage makes the most sense for me?

Providing thoughtful answers and advice in these areas can help establish your credibility, which is crucial to building relationships with potential home buyers. While those who are in education-mode may not be prepared to commit to a Realtor or a property just yet, your shared expertise will help keep you ‘top of mind’ with potential clients, once they are ready to move forward in the home buying process.

2. Realtor Websites Help Leverage Local Searches

One major advantage of the Internet in relation to real estate is that it allows home buyers to quickly and easily seek out agents and/or properties by location. Having a personalized website enables you to optimize for any local searches home buyers choose to conduct. For example, a person looking to buy a home in Orlando, Florida might opt to narrow down their results by doing a search for “realtors in  Orlando” instead of just “realtors” or even “realtors in .”

By making sure your website content includes the city and state in which you work, you will be better able to attract clients looking to purchase a home in your area.

3. Realtor Websites Help Establish Your Personal Brand

While it is important to share your industry expertise, it is equally as important to share your personality, or, personal brand. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from competing real estate professionals and connect with prospective clients on a deeper level. For example, home buyers with children are likely to relate to agents who have families of their own. Individuals looking to downsize may gravitate toward Realtors who express their passion for working with “empty-nesters.”

An agent website offers a great platform for sharing who you are, what you value, and anything else that makes you unique or relatable. Develop an “About” section to display:

  • Personal information you would like prospects to know.
  • How many years of experience you have in real estate.
  • What your core values are.
  • What makes you passionate about real estate.
  • Who your ideal home buyers are (i.e. first-timers, families, singles, empty-nesters).
  • A photo of yourself.

In addition to the above information, you can also post testimonials from past clients to help verify your reputation, as well as links to your social media channels.

4. Realtor Websites Can Support Automatic Lead Capture

In addition to attracting prospects, a real estate agent website is ideal for efficiently capturing high-quality leads. This is made possible by incorporating online contact forms for buyers or even sellers who come to your site and are interested in learning more about your services. Each time a form is completed, you will receive an email notification so that no lead goes unnoticed.

Capturing leads through an integrated website also enables you to automatically add new contacts to your contact management system, like the one offered through our Referral Marketing System, or assign them to an email nurturing campaign.

5. Don’t Miss Out on Digital Leads

By having your very own real estate personalized website, you can grow your online audience and personal brand, and begin capturing quality digital leads. Then use The Referral Marketing System to make sure you’re communicating with the right leads at the right time with the right message.

Takeaway Points:

From connecting with first-time home buyers, to showing off your personality, to CRM and email marketing integration, it is clear that having a personalized Realtor website holds many advantages. In fact, not having one is likely to put you at a great disadvantage as you run the risk of losing business to competitors who have an established digital presence.

By having your personal website you will:

  • Provide important resources for home-buyers  that will make them more likely to trust you and work with you.
  • Be able to better optimize searches and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Establish your personal brand.
  • Effectively capture digital leads.

Learn more about the benefits of starting a website, or find out how Morris Real Estate Marketing Group can help you quickly and easily set up a customized, mobile-friendly real estate agent website as part of our Referral Marketing System.  A customizable website is included at no extra cost for all subscribers to our Referral Marketing System.

Contact us today to find out more and get the first month free:

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10 things to remove before listing

10 things to remove before listingThis post was originally published on Active Rain.

Everyone has heard rumors of de-cluttering when it’s time to sell your home. But, what does that really mean?  Before going hog wild and moving out… here’s a few of the most important things to consider removing before you list your home for sale.

10. Personal photos. I don’t always recommend removing photos of the ‘family’ but if you have hallways filled with photos or photos on every end table it is probably necessary. Buyers really DO get distracted by them. They will take them all in as they walk down the hall. Not only do they take away from the home, but it’s really disturbing when a buyer is excited to ‘know’ the sellers. And, the buyers do look at them.

9. Bills and personal papers. I understand that you cannot remove these document from the home all together, but please take the time to organize them, box them up and put them out of sight. If you have bills laying out on the counter or kitchen table it’s like an invitation for the buyers to ‘peek’ at them. Believe me – I discourage it – but it still happens. And as a seller you just don’t want to leave the temptation behind.

8. Money. I would love to say that every buyer (and Realtor) going through every home is honest, but I really don’t want to test those waters. If you have cash, cash boxes or coin jars sitting out in the open… put them away. It’s just better for everyone if it’s out of sight. As Realtors we do what we can to protect your home, but your help makes a difference!

7. Valuables. Jewelry, watches, valuable antiques…. anything that might be worth a bit of money that you wouldn’t want to lose. Out of sight, out of mind. If buyers don’t know they are there they won’t think about it. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve been in where the jewelry is left on the dresser…. somehow it’s uncomfortable. At least put it away.

6. Guns and ammo. I don’t care if they are in a case or out laying around or under a bed. It’s better if you just plain old remove them from the home prior to listing. For some reason they make buyers (in my experience) feel really insecure.

5. Shoes! If you have a pile of shoes at the door… ask yourself why. A pile of shoes gives a buyer two impressions. The first? That there isn’t enough storage in your home. 2. That there are too many people living in the home. So, in order to avoid wondering on the part of the buyer… just put them away.

4. Medicine. Take it out. Don’t store it on the counter. Don’t store it in the cabinet. Don’t store it in the bathroom. Remove it. There have been many complaints over the years of potential buyers ‘stealing’ the medicine out of the cabinets. I have never had it happen on my time clock, but to avoid any trouble it’s best to simply remove it.

3. All things on your kitchen counter. Everything? Really? Yup. The cleaner you can leave the counter, the more buyers dream of being in there. Have you ever been in a cluttered kitchen? Does it feel inviting? How about a cleaned up kitchen? Does it make you wanna spend time there? Also, if you store things on the counter it gives the appearance that you do not have enough storage space.

2. No more junk drawers. Seriously. Clean ‘em out. There is nothing more tacky than a potential buyer opening the cupboards and drawers and having things sticking out everywhere. Box up all the notes, pens, tacks, and odds and ends and put them away. Chances are you don’t dig in the drawer often anyways.

1. Nothing but magnets…. and maybe not even that. Take a photo of your fridge, take everything off, wash the front (and side), and take another photo. It is really refreshing to walk into a home that has a clean fridge. The kids pictures are beautiful (believe me… my fridge is covered in them) but buyer’s can’t imagine their own children’s drawing on there if it is covered with yours. And, the magnets… If they aren’t decorative (and even then) they are generally more of a distraction to the room than a help. Consider it.

Morris Real Estate Marketing Group offers The Referral Marketing System, which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.

Contact us today to find out more and get the first month free:

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7 affordable marketing strategies you need

7 affordable marketing strategiesThis post was originally published on Inman.

Whew. Where did the time go? The new year is here, and it is time for a fresh start to all of your real estate marketing initiatives. There is no doubt you want this year to be even better than last year. Kick off 2016 with a good start so you can generate more referrals and repeat clients.

Luckily, it can be done. With a systematic and strategic approach and some out-of-the-box ideas, you can jumpstart your marketing success.

Here are 7 affordable marketing strategies you need to succeed in 2016:

1. Pick five of your best clients to reach out to, and ask for testimonials

Testimonials tell prospects and colleagues that you have a reputation for building long-lasting, solid relationships with clients. They also make all your marketing communications and presentations more believable.

Because this is a new year and a fresh start, it’s the perfect time to reach out to some clients you have not received testimonials from yet.

It’s the perfect time to reach out to clients and you have not received testimonials from yet.

2. Record a podcast of yourself

A podcast is a digital audio file people can listen to. It does not include video. In the podcast, interview past clients, home renovation experts, or talk about market trends.

Then upload and host the podcast on your website. Promote it across your social channels, email marketing, and direct mail to get the word out about it and attract an audience.

3. Create an animated video

This idea might seem intimidating, but there are many creative professionals out there who could help you make this fun, innovative video. Use it to bring your brand identity to life in an entertaining, creative way. It will definitely set you a part from your competitors.

4. Become a columnist in a local newspaper or magazine to share your expertise

Visibility is key to increasing brand recognition and allowing prospects to learn more about you. Thought leadership through content creation is a perfect outlet for that visibility.

It also provides valuable information to a target audience, allowing you to come across as an attentive and helpful real estate expert.

Visibility is key to increasing brand recognition and allowing prospects to learn more about you.

5. Create a Pinterest board to showcase your listings

Pinterest is an ultra-visual social media platform, so it’s a great channel to showcase your listings. Create an individual board to display all of your newest listings.

Label it “January listings” or “Winter 2016 listings,” and keep it updated with appealing images, website links and descriptions.

6. Get some useful items branded, and give them away

Just like becoming a thought leader is great for visibility, so are branded items such as bottle openers, t-shirts, and for more ideas click here. Be creative with the products you choose.

Pass them out at events, open houses and showings. If it’s something useful, your clients and prospects will use it on a regular basis and consistently be exposed to your brand, which keeps you top-of-mind.

7. Shoot a video of yourself

Upload your video to YouTube, and share is across your social channels, email newsletters and other communication channels. Nowadays you don’t need expensive video equipment to create videos.

If you have a smartphone that captures decent image and sound quality, you should be good to go. Keep the video short and to the point, and use it to cover the most useful information possible.

These 7 affordable marketing strategies you need will help you garner attention, leads, and referrals. Cheers, and have a great new year with a stellar marketing plan.

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t have to keep doing the same marketing tactics year after year, silently hoping for better results.
  • It’s time to incorporate some fresh, innovative ideas into your plan and benefit from an increase in referrals and repeat clients.

We offer The Referral Marketing System which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.

Contact us today to find out more and get the first month free:


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