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Philip Hollander, BA (Hons), MA is the Vice President, Business and Professional Development for Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. For almost a decade and a half, Phil has spoken at hundreds of Real Estate offices throughout North America. He has shared his insights with thousands of Realtors, teaching them how to build their business through incorporating the fundamental principles of Referral Marketing into their day to day business. In his seminar, Phil will share his expertise on "what really works" in terms of effective real estate marketing and in the process, provide you with valuable knowledge about how you can significantly grow your referral business through proven "Systems Based, High Probability Selling". Phil is the co-author of The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book as well as the recently published book ‘Choice Points’ when you have to decide which way to go and the recently published Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, Million Dollar Agents, How Top Realtors Really Create High Income, Wealth and Independence. Morris Marketing Group Inc. has been in business since 1929. For over 20 years Morris has specialized exclusively in assisting Real Estate Professionals across North America increasing their referral business through The Referral Marketing System.

How to Identify Past Clients Who Will Refer You

Let’s say you have 75 past clients in your real estate CRM database. According to many studies, these homeowners are in a position to recommend a real estate agent two or three times a year, on average. That’s a lot

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Real Estate Sales Scripts for Canvassing a Neighbourhood

Imagine this scenario… You’ve just closed a deal on one of your listings. You drive over and proudly change the lawn sign to SOLD. You’re hoping that neighbours will see that sign and think of you when they need a

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Get More Real Estate Referrals by Re-Engaging Old Clients

Imagine this scenario. A client you worked with years ago is in his backyard. He’s chatting across the fence with a neighbor. That neighbor mentions that a friend is looking for a real estate agent and asks for a recommendation.

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Converting FSBOs: The Best Approach and 3 Real Estate Sales Pitches

One of the toughest groups to sell to as a real estate agent is FSBOs. After all, they’re independent-minded. They want to do it on their own. They may even take pride in their efforts to sell without a Realtor.

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