Selecting the Best Goals for Real Estate Agent Success

29 November 2018

By Allan Goldstein

real estate agent goal settingFor many agents, setting goals isn’t a problem. It’s deciding which goals to set that is the big challenge. After all, when you look at your real estate agent career path, there are dozens of goals you could set in your quest for success. Yet, you can’t set dozens of goals, otherwise you’ll dilute your efforts and achieve nothing.

So, how do you pick a few achievable goals… goals that are most likely to move you closer to the real estate career you want?

Here are a few examples of real estate agent goals that have worked well for top performers.

  • Find, set up, and use a good real estate marketing system. Are your marketing efforts hit or miss? (For example, an ad here and there, the odd prospecting day in a new neighbourhood, the occasional call or email to an old client.) That’s a recipe for failure. Top performing real estate agents use a consistent marketing system to generate and convert leads and referrals.
  • Build your contact database. Keeping in touch with hot prospects, past clients and business contacts is crucial if you want to maximize lead generation and referrals. But a contact isn’t a contact until it’s in your database. So, a smart goal to set is to use a good real estate CRM and add new contacts regularly.
  • Double your referral business. Do you think that referrals just happen? Some do, of course. But most real estate agent referrals go to agents who are proactive, by regularly keeping in touch and building loyalty with past clients. That may seem like a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be, if you sign up with the right referral marketing system.
  • Pick an ideal geographic farm, and work it. Do you want to be seen as the go-to agent in a particular area, where you consistently get the lion’s share of the listings? That can happen for you, but you need to start now. That’s why this can be an ideal year-long goal for you, one that can pay off for many years to come.
  • Get more leads from your website. Are you happy with the number of enquiries you’re getting from your agent website? The good news is, there are many simple updates you can make that will boost lead generation. For example, adding a lead capture form can double leads overnight.

As you can see, all these real estate agent goal examples have two things in common. One, each is likely to have a big impact on your business, especially when it comes to generating more leads and referrals. And, two, all these goals are achievable. So, to quote one of the newer NikeÓ commercials, “I can do this!”.

Just be sure to write down your goals. If you do then, according to research by the Dominican University of California, you’ll have a 33% greater chance of achieving them.

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