The Golden Rules to Getting More Real Estate Leads With Your Blog

11 March 2020

By Darcia

Many agents don’t do a whole lot with their real estate blogs. They may have a blog, and even post on it occasionally, but then they just let it sit there, hoping it works. Sometimes it does. Even a semi-regular blog might generate the odd lead.

However, if you’re just a little more proactive about it, you can generate many more real estate agent leads with your blog — without increasing your real estate marketing workload all that much.


Let’s first take a look at the two golden rules of getting leads with a real estate agent blog:

  1. Post great content.
  2. Leverage that content.

Posting content that your prospects are going to want to read is, of course, important. The best blog articles for real estate marketing are “practical tactical”; the kind of information that buyers and sellers frequently seek. For example, tips on staging, getting the best-selling price, evaluating target neighbourhoods, taking the stress out of moving, understanding the buying process, and so forth.

Writing in Entrepreneur Magazine, author Ann Handley points out that, “Your blog should focus on your customers. It should either solve their problems or share your resources.”

Regularly posting high-interest articles not only attracts more readers — many of whom are likely to be potential prospects — but also positions you as the kind of referral-worthy agent people want to do business with.

That, of course, is the impression you want to make!

In addition, when prospects visit your blog, they are likely to also visit other pages on your real estate agent website, which in turn might motivate them to fill out your lead-capture form or contact you directly.

That brings us to the second golden rule of a lead-generating real estate blog: Leveraging the content.

Even the best content won’t get many leads if it lives only on your blog. This is where being a little proactive can double the number of real estate leads your blog generates. Share and use your blog articles as much as you can. For example, you can:

  • Post about a blog article on social media. Blog content goes hand-in-hand with real estate social media marketing.)
  • Use excerpts from a blog article as new social media content.
  • Use blog articles in your real estate lead follow-up. For example, you can send an email with links to helpful articles to a first-time buyer prospect.
  • Print articles to add to your listing presentation. You can even tailor the article choices for each prospect.
  • Print articles to use as handouts at events, such as a first-time buyer’s seminar. (Be sure to include your contact information.)

By leveraging your blog content, you’re getting more people aware of your great blog — and of you!

So, start getting more real estate leads by following those two golden rules. And if you’re concerned about writing regular blog posts, sign up with a good real estate marketing system that includes original, “written-for-you” blog content.

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