Minimizing Uncertainty in Your Real Estate Marketing

18 March 2020

By Darcia

Imagine you plan to knock on a few doors in a neighbourhood where you have a current listing. How many real estate leads will you get? There’s no sure way to tell. Uncertainty.

Say, you plan on trying your luck with a couple of billboards. Will the money you invest in that advertising pay off? You might get some good real estate leads. But then again, you might not. Uncertainty.

Want more real estate agent referrals? You might plan on working the phone for a couple of hours this week, calling past clients and others in your network. That might bring in some business. Maybe. Uncertainty.

There is nothing wrong with any of these marketing tactics. In fact, strategies like reaching out to past clients is a good idea. The problem is, when you market your real estate services with a “try this, see what happens” approach, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Your marketing never gets to a point where it’s getting real traction and generating leads and real estate referrals for you — consistently.

So, what’s the solution?

The best way to create more certainty with your marketing is by using proven real estate marketing systems.

Consider this analogy…

Who is more likely to get and stay fit? The person who goes to the gym once in a while and tries the odd exercise or machine? Or, the person with a solid training routine who goes to the gym three days a week, every week?

The answer is obvious.

The same is true of your marketing. When you have good marketing systems — that generate referrals, that get geo farming leads, that helps to convert prospects — and you keep those systems running consistently, it creates more certainty in your marketing. You don’t have to scratch your head and wonder, “What should I try next?” You have systems that are working for you.

Let’s look at an example…

Say you want to get more client referrals. You can use a hit-and-miss approach and just call them asking if they know anyone looking for an agent. But what are the chances you’ll get many referrals that way?

However, if you had a client referrals system in place, one that reaches out to your clients monthly — using a combination of real estate direct mail, email marketing, and social media — you’re much more likely to get referrals, predictably and consistently.

So, don’t be the agent that merely tries marketing techniques sporadically and hopes for the best. Get proven marketing systems in place that truly build your business, with more certainty.


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