New Realtors: What The Tortoise & The Hare Can Teach you About Real Estate Marketing

02 June 2021

By Darcia

Chances are, you’ve heard the children’s story of the turtle and the rabbit. One day — or should we say, once upon a time! — they decided to race each other.

The rabbit ran in fits and starts. He’d sprint for a bit, then tire and crash. Then run some more. The turtle, however, took a different approach. She raced at a steady pace.

You know how the story ends. The turtle won.

But she succeeded not because she was slow. That’s a myth. The real reason she won is that she created momentum. She did the right things, consistently, and got increasingly better results.

What does this have to do with real estate marketing and your first year as a real estate agent?

A lot of rookie Realtors take the rabbit approach. They jump into a real estate marketing tactic, work at it for a week or two, get frustrated, and then move onto something else. Their real estate marketing ends up being all over the place — an online ad here, a prospecting day there. Unfortunately, they end up getting very few quality real estate leads. That’s because they never gain any momentum.

You don’t want to be the rabbit. It’s exhausting.

What does the turtle approach look like when applied to real estate marketing for new Realtors? Let’s take a look at an example.

Say you build a database of contacts comprised of previous clients, past and current prospects, and other connections, such as people you meet at an event. These are people who have at least some probability of giving you a referral or hiring you as their agent. (You’ll need a good real estate CRM to manage these contacts.)

Now imagine you keep in touch with them in a variety of ways.

  • Each month they receive an eye-catching real estate newsletter in the mail, featuring your brand and personal message, and packed with valuable market updates and how-to articles.
  • They get a call from you once a quarter as you update them on the market and answer their real estate questions.
  • Previous clients enjoy a visit from you once a year to do an Annual Checkup.
  • Everyone gets invited to a client appreciation or community event you host once a year.

That consistent approach to staying in touch builds loyalty to you. Your contacts increasingly see you as their go-to Realtor — so much so that they recommend you to others and call you first when they move.

That’s the power of consistency. This steady approach leads to increasingly more real estate leads and referrals, year after year.

How do you get this approach working for you starting this month? Sign up with a proven, done-for-you real estate marketing system that creates the consistency and momentum for you.

Be the turtle!

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