The 3 C’s to Better Real Estate Geo Farming Results

26 May 2021

By Darcia

The great thing about real estate geographic farming is that you’re building an asset. Like any savvy investment, your geo farm will ideally pay regular dividends — in the form of real estate agent leads — for years to come.

That’s the main benefit of being seen as the agent-of-choice in a specific area or neighbourhood.

However, you’ll only get results if you do real estate geographic farming the right way.

What’s the “right way”? A handy way to remember is the 3 C’s.

  1. Communication

You need to communicate with residents. They need to hear from you regularly and get to “know, like and trust” you.

In fact, successful real estate geographic farming has more to do with building relationships than it does with traditional prospecting and advertising.

That’s why a good geographic farming newsletter is a must, especially a printed version that is mailed. It’s the next best thing to you having an in-person conversation with each resident every month.

Other ways of communicating include Just Listed and Just Sold announcements, stay-in-touch calls and emails, community events, and personal visits.

  1. Consistency

If you met someone only once several months ago, they’d still seem like a stranger if you ran into them again. Building relationships with your farming residents requires consistency. They need to hear from you regularly. Otherwise, they won’t come to see you as their go-to agent.

Once again, your geographic farming newsletter plays a big role here. Because it’s mailed monthly, the consistency you need to generate real estate leads from your farm is built in.

Consistency drives relationship-building. The more residents hear from you, the more the “know, like and trust” level grows.

As this article in CSM Magazine points out, “The importance of consistency in building strong customer relationships can’t be overemphasized.”

  1. Content

While communicating consistently with your geographic farming residents is important, the “content” of your communications is also crucial.

Take your geo farming newsletter, for example. It needs to provide information that’s helpful to residents. You want them to look forward to receiving it each month. So make sure your geographic farming newsletter is packed with value: market insights, how-to articles, tips.

You should also be adding value in all your other communications with farming prospects, including when you call or email.

Every time you add value with your content, it’s like making a deposit into an investment guaranteed to pay high returns.

Takeaway: If you want to get better results, faster, with your farm, make sure your geographic farming marketing system is maximizing the 3 C’s.

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