IXACT Contact CRM for
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  • Next-generation CRM and mobile App for Realtors
  • Efficiently manage contacts, listings, buyers, tasks and more
  • Real estate marketing tools to help with goal setting & reporting
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The CRM That Generates and Converts More Leads and Referrals

The Real Estate CRM Software That Generates and Converts More Leads and Referrals

To be successful as a Realtor, you need more than a mere address book. You need a real estate CRM and marketing automation system that will keep track of your contacts, automatically remind you when to follow-up, pull in leads from your website, organize your active listings and buyers, manage your to-do lists, and help you with numerous other business tasks.

That’s why IXACT Contact, the industry’s best CRM for real estate agents, is included with our Real Estate Marketing Success Systems. It’s like having a smart, savvy administrative assistant by your side, keeping you organized and on target.

Tazmeen Woodall
By using Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, I don’t have to think about my marketing and sending out a newsletter, which saves me a considerable amount of time, allowing me to focus on other tasks. IXACT Contact CRM software is great for managing client follow-up, and Morris Real Estate Marketing Group’s customer service is fantastic.
Tazmeen Woodall

Steve Kleiman
I have been using Morris's Real Estate Marketing System for 14 years and it has consistently delivered 8-10 transactions each year. My contacts enjoy the articles and content, while I enjoy how easy and simple it is to use. I highly recommend Morris Real Estate Marketing Group to others in real estate.
Steve Kleinman

Dave Roach
I have been using the Marketing Systems offered by Morris Real Estate Marketing Group for over 12 years now and it has generated 17 or more referrals per year. I strongly believe Morris Real Estate Marketing Group offers the best system for real estate agents to get more leads, more referrals and more listings.
Dave Roach

Client Testimonial
I have been overjoyed at the various features and benefits offered by the IXACT Contact CRM. I am totally impressed with such a user-friendly site and system. It absolutely blows away several other real estate CRMs that I’ve tried in the past, and I highly recommend you try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
Jim Jeffries

Client Testimonial
I love IXACT Contact! The ability to wirelessly sync contact info on all my devices, automatically capture and import new leads, send mass emails, schedule tasks and reminders, track my sales and transactions… these features are fantastic! I especially love the new choices like the greeting cards and options to customize monthly newsletters and content you offer.
Katy Lonowski

Features included in IXACT Contact CRM for Real Estate Agents

Mobile CRM App

Mobile CRM App

Contact management at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.
  • Cloud-based, so you can manage your business in the office and on the road.
  • Works on all your computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Make a call or send an email or text in one tap.
  • Easily manage your listings, schedule and daily to-dos.
  • Receive automated birthday and move-in anniversary reminders.
  • Detailed contact profiles, history, and “Social Intelligence”.
  • Add or update contacts in seconds.

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Email Marketing Platform

Send and manage email marketing campaigns in just a few clicks!
  • Launch email nurture campaigns (already written for you) to convert more leads into listings.
  • Send your monthly automated e-Newsletter, which is designed and written for you.
  • Send greeting e-cards for birthdays, move-in anniversaries and holidays, plus Just listed/Just Sold e-flyers and e-card templates.
  • Create Video emails via Bomb Bomb.
  • See who is opening your marketing emails with advanced email campaign reporting.

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Automated Lead Capture

Automated Lead Capture

Website leads sent automatically to your real estate CRM software.
  • Automatically capture leads from any website or lead vendor.
  • Receive an email or text alert when a new lead comes in.
  • Set up automatic email campaigns for leads that meet specific criteria (for example, seller and buyer leads).
  • Auto-assign new leads to your monthly e-Newsletter.

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Active Listings and Buyers

Track important property and listing details with the best CRM for real estate agents.
  • Assign listing and closing Activity Plans.
  • Get email or text reminders of important tasks and appointments.
  • Upload transaction-related documents.
  • Manage offers.
  • Track commissions.
  • Generate service reports.

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Active Listings and Buyers
Business Pipeline

Business Pipeline

Clearly see what’s happening in your business pipeline.
  • Get a visual list on the status of all your leads and clients.
  • Determines which leads need following up on and when.
  • Enables you to make quick and smart decisions for your growing business.

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Business Directory

Easily manage your referral sources and recommended vendors.
  • Build relationships by being able to recommend contractors and other vendors quickly.
  • Stay up-to-date with contacts who are, or could potentially be, good sources of referrals.
  • Enhance your connections in the local “home” industry, which can generate more referrals for you.

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Business Directory
Goal Setting and Tracking

Goal Setting and Tracking

Personalize your roadmap to success with a CRM built specifically for real estate agents.
  • Set your gross commission goal and use the goal setting wizard to determine what you need to do to achieve the goal (e.g. number of listing presentations, listings, buyer sales, etc.).
  • Set business activity goals required to achieve your gross commission goals (e.g. number of referrals, number of keep-in-touch calls and pop-bys, etc.).
  • Track your progress using our dashboard charts and graphs.

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Connect your real estate CRM software with other directories and calendars.
  • IXACT Contact CRM designed for real estate agents syncs with Google Calendars, Google Contacts, MS Outlook, Apple Mac applications and more.
  • No more hassle retyping information into multiple systems. You just do it once, and it syncs.

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CRM Synchronization
Calendar and Task Manager

Calendar and Task Manager

Never miss an appointment, contact or task again.
  • Robust calendar and to-do list manager.
  • Set appointments and list tasks in seconds.
  • Quickly set up automatic keep-in-touch reminders, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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The Industry’s Best Real Estate Marketing Success Systems

We don’t just provide North America’s best CRM for real estate agents. We’re also the leading provider of automated Real Estate Marketing Success Systems in North America. Thousands of real estate professionals achieve higher levels of success by using our systems-based marketing approach. Our proven real estate marketing tools help you generate and convert more leads and referrals, at a rate that increases year after year. Whether you’re looking only for Real Estate CRM software or want to learn more about our Real Estate Marketing Success Systems, give us a call for more info — we’re here to help.
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