5 Alternatives to Client Appreciation Events

29 October 2020

By Darcia

Client appreciation events, as well as such variations as geographic farming community events, are a proven way to generate real estate leads and referrals. In fact, these events should be a component of your real estate marketing system.

The recommendation is: do one a year.

However, these days, holding events in the traditional way — in person — may not be recommended or even allowed in your market.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t leverage this strategy. Here are some good alternatives that don’t require people to congregate in person.

  1. Contests These are a great way to create excitement, connect with old clients, and generate some new real estate leads. For example, you can sponsor a colouring contest for kids and post a picture of the winner in your real estate newsletter and on your agent website.
  2. Virtual groups People are often looking for ways to connect with others. You can facilitate that by starting a group that meets online (via ZOOM, perhaps). For example you can form a home improvement group where your clients meet and discuss projects. Other ideas include a book club, neighbourhood social club, parenting group.
  3. Giveaways Everyone loves to get something for free. We’re all familiar with real estate agent calendars and pens. But consider being more creative and making an event out of it. You can, for example, do a pumpkin giveaway in your real estate geographic farm in the fall.
  4. Webinars Just about any type of educational event, such as a seminar for first-time home buyers, can be conducted online. Most people these days know how to log in and attend virtual meetings. A simple way to put together a webinar is to invite a local expert — a mortgage advisor, for example — to speak, while you play host. (This also helps you cultivate your business network; a source of real estate agent referrals.)
  5. Charity drives Got a favorite charity? Doing a drive to support them can be a wonderful way to connect with past clients, prospects and geographic farm residents.

Keep in mind that even though these are not traditional events, the real estate marketing fundaments are still the same. For example, if you’re holding a webinar for residents in a geographic farm, be sure to encourage them to bring along guests. Some of those people may turn out to be new real estate leads for you.

You also want to follow-up after the event. Thank everyone for participating. Encourage them to get in touch if they have any questions or need real estate help.

And, of course, highlight the event in your blog, on social media (a smart real estate social media marketing strategy), and in your real estate newsletter.

Takeaway: Don’t let the difficulty bringing people together get in the way of leveraging events. It’s an effective real estate marketing strategy

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