7 Success Tips from a Successful Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Company

17 February 2021

By Darcia

If you had a chance to have lunch with a top-performing agent, you’d probably take the opportunity to pick that person’s brain. You’d ask for their best tips and advice on how to get more real estate listings, grow your income, and build a thriving career in real estate.

Well, this blog isn’t a lunch date. But we can still share our best tips for success with you, specifically when it comes to real estate direct mail (including real estate newsletters.)

After all, we’re one of the most successful real estate marketing companies in the industry. Direct mail is a key driver of our client referrals and geographic farming marketing systems. So, our advice is based on experience and client results.

Here are the tips:

  1. Relationships are key If you want lasting success as a real estate agent, building relationships is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your time chasing the same leads everyone else is scrambling after. That’s a recipe for misery. Direct mail marketing for real estate helps you grow relationships with prospects and clients, so they see you as their agent-of-choice.
  2. Monthly is the ideal frequency Sending a prospect or client something in the mail every once in a while doesn’t work. Building relationships requires consistency. Our experience with thousands of agents proves that a direct mail newsletter sent once a month is the ideal way to get clients to become loyal to you.
  3. Direct mail is essential when geo farming If you want to become the number one choice in a geographic farm, there’s no better way than real estate direct mail. Sending a monthly geographic farming newsletter keeps you top-of-mind and positions you as the go-to agent for that area.
  4. Even happy clients forget How many satisfied clients in the past few years have sent you real estate referrals? 50%? 20%? None? The fact is, if you’re not on a past client’s radar screen, they probably won’t think of you when someone asks them, “Do you know a good REALTOR?” A monthly client newsletter keeps you top-of-mind.
  5. Poor quality, poor results Real estate direct mail is a proven tactic, but that doesn’t mean you can mail just anything and get results. What you send to prospects and past clients must be high-quality: an eye-catching look and feel; original, high-value content; news and updates; and more. Your real estate direct mail newsletter needs to stand out and make a lasting impact.
  6. Get personal A generic real estate newsletter doesn’t do much to build relationships. From a prospect’s or client’s perspective, it could have come from anyone. That’s why including your personal message, photo, and other personalized touches is essential. These elements make your real estate direct mail piece act like an actual visit from you. (Hint: Make sure the real estate newsletter service you choose gives you plenty of options for customization.)
  7. Don’t DIY it No other real estate marketing tactic is more complicated than direct mail. There are many moving parts, from writing and design to printing and mailing. You want to work with a real estate direct mail company that does all this heavy lifting for you. (Like us, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group!)

So, if we were having lunch together, those are some of the tips we’d share. If you’d like more advice from a successful real estate direct mail company, give us a call.

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