What does your real estate agent website say about you?

24 February 2021

By Darcia

For obvious reasons, you want your initial interaction  — your first “meeting” — with a prospect to go well. You want to make a good impression. After all, this is the first step towards what will hopefully turn into a hot new real estate lead or client for you.

But it’s worth thinking about when that first meeting actually takes place.

It’s intuitive to assume your initial conversation with a new prospect occurs during a phone call, email, or meeting. However, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, that first “meeting” happens on your realtor website.

Your website is essentially YOU having an initial conversation with your prospect. Indeed, these days, it’s not uncommon for prospects to visit your website to learn more before contacting you.

That’s why you need to consider what your real estate agent website is saying about you. You want to make sure it’s communicating the right messages and making a positive impression — the kind of impression that results in the prospect taking the next step: calling, emailing, or otherwise becoming a new real estate lead.

It’s easy to do a quick assessment of your realtor website. Just do what Elmo from Sesame Street does: Put on your imagination hat! Then, imagine you are a typical prospect visiting your website.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your agent website have a professional look and feel? Prospects want to work with trusted real estate professionals, so your website design should communicate that.
  • Does it look good on a mobile device? Your website should have a responsive design, which means it adjusts to screen size. That’s crucial. Writing in socPUB magazine, Bryan Ruby points out that 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.
  • Does each page position you as a trusted go-to agent? Whether it’s the HOME page, ABOUT section or CONTACT page, each should showcase you and your services and, most importantly, how you can help the prospect.
  • Is the text engaging and conversational? The copy on your agent website is your initial conversation with the prospect. That’s why it is recommended you use a professionally written template that you can customize.
  • Is the site likely to generate a real estate lead or inquiry? The last thing you want is for a prospect to visit your realtor website and do nothing. Ensure the copy clearly invites prospects to call or email. A lead-capture form will often triple response.
  • Can you search property listings? If you have MLS listings integration on your real estate agent website, prospects are likely to stay on your site longer — and come back more often.

When you’ve done your assessment, take off your imagination hat — you’re yourself now! — and consider what you’ve discovered about your website. Is it making the kind of impression that’s likely to result in a prospect taking the next step? If not, make some changes.

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