7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Real Estate Agent Website

01 April 2020

By Darcia

Social isolation and working from home have been the norm in recent weeks. Despite the challenges, this is the ideal time to work on aspects of your business that you might have otherwise been putting off.

After all, when the COVID-19 outbreak eventually subsides, you want your business to be stronger, not weaker.

Looking for ideas?

When it comes to real estate marketing, consider reviewing your agent website and see what updates you can make to generate more real estate leads. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Update your contact page. These days, prospects want multiple ways to reach and meet you. So, in addition to phone and email address, also include your Skype name, ZOOM account, or any other app you use for web meetings.
  2. Lead capture forms. Many good real estate prospects will visit your agent website but not contact you right way. They might later, but why leave it to chance? Make sure you have a good lead capture form on your website — ideally one that automatically populates your real estate CRM so you can follow-up promptly.
  3. How you work with clients. Add a paragraph or section about how you’re working successfully with clients during this period of social distancing. Highlight your techniques, such as ZOOM meetings and video home tours. Prospects will feel more confident in talking to you about buying or selling if they can see you have a strategy.
  4. Add new testimonials. Have you cultivated more happy clients since you last updated your agent website? If so, get those testimonials up. Social proof is a powerful motivator, so you can’t have too many glowing recommendations on your website pages.
  5. Revitalize your blog. A regularly published blog positions you as an up-to-date and active professional. It also generates real estate leads for you, because prospects find your blog articles and then visit the rest of your site. You can also create social media posts that link to your blog, generating even more leads. (Don’t want to write posts on your own? Get it done for you.)
  6. Add MLS Listing Integration (IDX). If you’ve been thinking of getting current property listings displayed on your website, now is the time to do it. When prospects can search for current listings while on your site, they stay on your site. As a result, you’re likely to get the call.
  7. Refresh the design. Is your website look and feel no longer consistent with your brand? Changing the design is like redecorating a home. Everything looks new and exciting. This is easy to do if you have an agent website that allows you to choose from multiple design options. If your website doesn’t, get one that does.

According to a paper in the FPA Journal, approximately 90% of prospects (even referrals) will visit a professional service provider’s website before contacting them. So, updating your website is likely to pay off in more real estate leads and referrals — and not just a few months from now, but also in the short-term.


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