9 Good Reasons a Good Real Estate Newsletter Works

10 February 2021

By Darcia

If you don’t currently use a printed real estate newsletter, you might wonder whether or not it’s a good idea. After all, do people even read their mail anymore? Isn’t everything online these days?

Those are common assumptions. But the facts tell a different story. Indeed, most top performers in the industry consider direct mail newsletters to be an integral part of their real estate marketing systems.

If you’re looking for more reasons why you should be using a good real estate newsletter service, here are nine of them.

  1. According to studies by Canada Post and the USPS, direct mail is getting opened, read and responded to in high numbers by every demographic. Even millennials.
  2. Real estate direct mail marketing is effective these days because the marketing channel isn’t crowded. Your prospects probably receive many times more email each day than direct mail.
  3. Collateral from a good real estate newsletter service stands out in the mail because it’s packed with value: news, tips, updates, how-to articles, etc. It instantly distinguishes itself from bills and flyers.
  4. Direct mail marketing is tactile. Prospects and clients interact with it. It’s a marketing piece that is uniquely engaging and impactful. Websites, email, and social media — as effective as they are — don’t have the same tangible impact.
  5. A good real estate direct mail newsletter makes a lasting impression. It doesn’t disappear or get clicked away from. Prospects and clients hold it, read it and may even keep the helpful information around — sometimes on the fridge door.
  6. If you have an excellent real estate marketing system using direct mail, it’s like having your own sales associate pounding the pavement for you each month, staying in touch with prospects, past clients, and your geographic farm. It’s like having two of you. Or even ten of you!
  7. A good real estate direct mail newsletter is proven to build relationships with residents of your geographic farm. It leverages the “know, like and trust” factor, consistently positioning you as the go-to agent. As a result, it’s the surest way to become and remain number one in that area.
  8. If you want more real estate client referrals, a direct mail newsletter is a must. You’ll never be able to call or visit your past clients every single month, but your newsletter will. In fact, a proven client referrals system will continually build loyalty with this group, ensuring you get those well-earned referrals and repeat business.
  9. Have you ever bought advertising and felt like that money went into a black hole? Direct mail generates a high return on your marketing investment. Assuming you use the right real estate marketing system, direct mail gives you more predictable results.

So, there’s no question a good direct mail newsletter service heeds great results. The only question now is: do you use one? If not, start this month.

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