How to develop Real Estate success habits

06 April 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

If youbreak bad, build good habits get into the habit of having a jelly doughnut every day, you are eventually going to gain weight. It’s inevitable. Yet, despite knowing that, breaking the habit, once formed, can be very difficult to do.

That’s the power of a habit. You do not need to remember to do it or motivate yourself to get it done. You just do it – often without even thinking about it.

But not all habits are bad.

Think about the habits you have formed in your real estate business. There are probably several things you do each day, week and month that contribute to your real estate business success. For example, a REALTOR® who ends each day by returning all her calls and emails has formed a habit that is definitely beneficial to her business.

So, as a Referral & Repeat real estate marketer, you should get into the habit of forming habits. Real Estate business success habits. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Each Monday: Call or email one of your past clients just to say hello and to help them with any questions or recommendations they may need.
  • Each Wednesday afternoon: Update your contact database and decide who should be receiving Direct Mail Marketing and who should be receiving Email Marketing messages from you.
  • Every other Friday: Go for lunch with a prospect or potential client.
  • The first of every month: Introduce yourself to a new business-to business referral source.
  • A client’s moving day: Schedule your follow-up calls and visits.
  • When you get a referral: Follow-up the same day.

These are just a few ideas that can assist you to develop real estate success habits. You can probably come up with many more.

According to many experts, it takes up to 21 days for an activity to become a habit. But once it does, you will not have to motivate yourself to do it or even think about it. After all, it will have become “a habit”!

Takeaway point: Select one important activity this month and turn it into a real estate success habit.

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