6 Mistakes That Can Kill a Listing Presentation

31 March 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

0914Article5-BROKERWhen it comes to turning a prospect into a client, there are few activities more important than the listing presentation. After all, you usually get only one shot at impressing the prospect and convincing him or her that you are the right choice.

The last thing you want is some little mistake or oversight that may kibosh the whole thing.

Yet, that is exactly what can happen if you are not careful. In fact, there are some little mistakes you may not even realize you are making in your presentations.

Here are a few examples:

  1. “Selling” rather than listening. Most prospects are turned off by REALTORS® who hard pitch their services. Instead, find out the prospect’s needs and aspirations first. Then explain how your services address those concerns and desires.
  2. Giving a “canned” presentation. A listing presentation is not a Broadway show. You cannot give the same performance every night. You must tailor each presentation to what the prospect wants to accomplish.
  3. Being late. You can have the best excuse on the planet for arriving at a prospect’s home 20 minutes late. They may even forgive you. But you will still leave the impression that your time is more important than theirs. Ideally try to be a bit early and always on time.
  4. Not taking notes. Even if you have an exceptional memory, take good notes. If you don’t, prospects might think that you are not really listening to their wishes and concerns.
  5. Looking disorganized. For some prospects, buying or selling a home is the biggest decision of their lives. If your presentation looks sloppy – if loose papers are falling out of your binder, or if you cannot find your pen – then they’re not going to have a lot of confidence in your abilities.

Takeaway Point: By being an organized and well prepared professional, home owners are more likely to trust you and believe you are the right person for selling their home.

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