Harness the Motivational Power of “Done”!

13 April 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Harness the Motivational power of "Done"As a REALTOR®, you have a lot of projects and activities that you need to work on each day. There are listing presentation materials that need updating, phone calls to be returned, clients to see, paperwork to get done, properties to research — the list goes on and on.

In fact, it’s possible to work diligently and effectively on several tasks during the course of the day, and yet not get anything truly “done”.

And that, according to psychologists, can have a serious negative impact on your level of motivation.

You may have noticed this yourself: feeling tired and a little defeated at the end of the day because so many tasks and activities are left unfinished.

So what is the solution?

One of the most important keys to staying motivated is to find two or three important things that you can finish in a day — and then get those things done.

There is a surge of motivation that most people feel when something important gets completed — even something as simple as making a phone call or updating a contact database.

Getting something done energizes you and instills a feeling of accomplishment. It creates a momentum that helps you get other things done more easily.

And getting something “done” does not necessarily mean an entire project or transaction. Scheduling an open house and making all the arrangements is something you can put on your “daily done list”. Here is a great example of how to get get something done today:

  1. Introduce yourself to a new referral source.
  2. Add them as a contact to your database.
  3. Assign them a personalized Referral Marketing message.
  4. Invite them to lunch.

“Done” is a powerful motivator. Use it to stay enthused and on top of your game.

Takeaway point: Harness the motivational power of “done” by making a daily list of two or three important things that you can get done today — and then do them!

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