Social Media Marketing for Realtors: Strategies Every Agent Should Know

20 July 2022

By Darcia

Do you have an organized approach to your real estate social media marketing? In other words, do you know how often you will post and what those posts will be about each month?

Most agents would answer no to that question. That’s because taking a “hit or miss” approach to social media marketing for Realtors is commonplace.

But as we discussed in a recent post, “hit or miss” marketing often leads to poor results. An organized, strategic approach — based on proven social media marketing best practices — is far more likely to generate more real estate leads for you.

So what does an “organized” approach look like?

Here at Morris Marketing Group, we’ve been working with agents on their social media marketing since social media was a “thing”! Here’s our take on generating the most buzz and real estate leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Have a real estate marketing system

Your real estate social media marketing should not exist in a silo. Ideally, it needs to be a component of an overall system that gets all the marketing elements working together: direct mail, email, and more. When your marketing is a system, it tends to be efficient, less expensive, and generates more real estate leads and referrals.

Leverage done-for-you

It takes time to create posts. Although the effort is usually worth it, you should take advantage of done-for-you services as much as possible. That’s why choosing a real estate marketing system that includes original, professionally-written blog articles and posts is so important.

Curated content (which we covered in this recent post) is another time-saving strategy.

Rotate topics to maximize engagement

If you post about new listings over and over again, your audience is soon tune out. It’s a proven real estate social media best practice to rotate topics to maintain interest. For example, post a link to a blog article, then a personal message, then a new listing, then a motivational quotation (always popular!), then another link to a blog article, and so forth. Mix it up!

Post at least twice a week

Social media helps build the “know, like, and trust” factor with your target audience. But if you haven’t posted for a while, you quickly lose that momentum. So posting at least twice a week is the ideal frequency.

That’s not as difficult to accomplish as you might think. Take a look at this sample schedule.


  • Link to a blog post.
  • Motivational quotation.


  • Link to a blog post.
  • New listing announcement.


  • Link to a blog post.
  • Motivational quotation
  • Personal message.


  • Link to a blog post
  • Motivational quotation
  • Local market news item.

As you can see, posting twice a week isn’t that difficult — especially if most posts are written for you via a real estate marketing system. In fact, there are ten posts in that schedule!

Takeaway: Have an organized approach to your real estate social media marketing. If you do, you’re likely to attract more prospects and real estate agent leads.

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