What is Content Curation and How to Generate More Real Estate Leads with Curated Content

12 January 2022

By Darcia

Let’s face it. Unless you have a real estate marketing system that includes done-for-you content for your blog and real estate social media, creating content yourself can be a challenge. It can be difficult to come up with good ideas. And it can be a real chore to write an article, or script and record a video, yourself.

While posting your own content is definitely recommended — (so keep doing that!) — there is a way to complement those posts that will save you time and boost your real estate social media results.

Content curation.

Content curation is simply posting a link to content created by others. You’ve probably done this several times before without realizing it’s a proven real estate social media marketing strategy. For example, you might have posted a link to a terrific article you think your target market will like, or an informative video you think they would appreciate.

So, instead of doing this on an ad hoc basis, consider adding content curation as a consistent part of your real estate social media marketing.

What are the benefits?

  • Linking to high-value content from prestigious sources helps position you as an authority. In essence, a little of the publication’s credibility rubs off on you.
  • By adding curated content to your social media mix, you save a lot of time. This is content you don’t have to create yourself.
  • Content curation enables you to post great content more often, boosting the effectiveness of your real estate social media marketing.
  • Curated content from popular sources tends to get more views. You may not be able to write a post that gets a million readers. But you can curate that article and get a piece of that action.
  • You’re linking to content that is often exceptionally well-written and produced — for example, a how-to video from HGTV. So, you’re sharing high-quality information that your target market will appreciate.

Overall, curated content will take your social media to the next level, helping you generate more real estate leads. It’s no wonder that the Content Marketing Institute included this strategy as one of the top trends in 2022.

But despite all the advantages, there are a couple of challenges with content curation. One, you have to find that great content — and you probably don’t want to spend hours scouring the internet for it. And two, some of the best content is behind paywalls or riddled with annoying pop-up ads.

The good news is, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group and IXACT Contact offers a way around those two roadblocks. It’s a service called Social Stream. In next week’s blog, we’ll discuss the particulars of this solution and how to put your content curation on auto-pilot, so stay tuned!

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