Realtors how to turn complaints into Loyal Clients

01 December 2014

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Strengths Or Weaknesses Directions On A SignpostThe transaction closed and you are certain that you did a great job for your client. Then, a month after the move, you visit and ask for her candid feedback. She says, “Well, to be honest with you, I am not very happy with your service.”

Ouch! What happened?

There are many reasons why a client may be dissatisfied with your service. But that does not mean all is lost. If you handle the situation correctly, you can, in most cases, turn a complaining client into a loyal one.

Here are some tips and ideas to consider:

Complaints are good!

Most truly unsatisfied clients complain to their friends and colleagues, not to their Realtors. So the fact that she is bringing up the issue, with you, is a good thing. She is open to a resolution!

Listen before you respond.

Do not jump in at the first opportunity to defend yourself. Even if the complaint is unfounded or unfair. Often all a client wants is someone to listen. So stay calm and hear her out before you respond.

Isolate the complaint.

Often a client will be upset about just one thing – a phone call that was not returned promptly, for example – and then will judge your entire service based on that single incident.

The remedy for this is to isolate the complaint. You can do that by saying something like, “I am sorry about the phone call. How did I do with the other aspects of my service? For example, did you find the initial listing presentation thorough and helpful?”

Say thanks and apologize.

After you listen to the complaint, do not make any excuses. Simply thank the client for her feedback and apologize. Follow-up about a week later with a Thank You card.

Takeaway Point: Listening, asking questions, and saying sorry are the keys to turning a complaint into a loyal client.

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