Real Estate Agents, what’s your 10 second marketing message?

24 November 2014

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Knowledge Empowers You Chalk IllustrationHow do you describe what you do when someone meets you for the first time? Lets say, for example, you are at a local community event with your kids and another parent asks, “So, what do you do?” How do you respond?

Most agents do not give this a second thought. They automatically reply with something like, “Oh, I am a REALTOR® with ABC Homes.”

If you respond that way, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to position yourself as a helpful, knowledgeable expert — someone worth calling or referring. Think about it. What message are you communicating when you say: “I am a REALTOR®”?

That you are the same as the dozens, or hundreds, of other real estate agents in your area. That you are just another person in a huge crowd. Is that the impression you want to make?

Of course not.

So what should you say when you introduce what you do to acquaintances, prospects, and others you meet in your business and personal life?

As a Referral & Repeat Marketer, you need to plan what you are going to say in advance.

In these situations, you will have about 10 seconds. That translates into approximately ten to twenty words. Marketing experts call this “your 10-second marketing message” or ‘elevator pitch’. An effective 10-second marketing message does not merely describe what you do. It emphasizes what you do for your clients.

Here are a few examples:

“I specialize in helping first time home buyers find and finance the home of their dreams.” 

“I help growing families smoothly transition to a larger home by making the finding, buying, and selling process easy.” 

“I help people find the right home, at the right price, in the desirable section of town.”

Notice the difference? By going beyond your job title and focusing on how you help your clients, you make a more powerful first impression. And first impressions last.

Takeaway Point: Plan and write your 10-second marketing message. Then use it every time you introduce your services to new people.

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