Provide a “Total Quality Experience” to Drive Real Estate Referrals

04 September 2012

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

You’ve done what you suspect is a great job for your clients. You’ve found them a wonderful new home that falls within their price range. You’ve helped them sell their current property for a decent price. And, overall, the transaction went through relatively smoothly.

“Don’t be fooled into thinking that excellence in a couple of key areas compensates for shoddiness in others. It doesn’t.”

So these clients will probably call you again to handle their next move and, in the meantime, wholeheartedly recommend you to their friends and neighbours, right?

Well, maybe not.

There’s more to a client’s experience than just a successful transaction.

In fact, these days, if you provide anything less than a “total quality experience” you risk not building loyalty with that client and, as a result, losing all those potential real estate referrals and repeat business.

So take a close look at all the ways you interact with and serve your clients. Ask yourself, “Am I doing everything possible to ensure my clients have the best experience working with me?” If not, create a list of things you can improve.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that excellence in a couple of key areas compensates for shoddiness in others. It doesn’t. An agent who thinks, “Sure, I’m slow at returning phone calls. I’m busy! But in the end I always get a great price for my clients’ homes,” is heading for trouble.

Clients remember frustration more than results. You might get them top dollar for their property, and in many respects they’ll be grateful, but a client never forgets the irritation of trying to reach you and not getting a call back. Even if they do recommend you, they’ll do so with a caveat: “Be warned. He’s slow to return phone calls!”

You certainly don’t want that to happen.

So focus on providing every client with a total quality experience. That may take a little extra work, but your efforts will pay off with more repeat business and real estate referrals.

Takeaway point: List three ways you can improve the experience clients have with your services. Then implement them.

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