Add $14k to Your Home’s Selling Price with Specific Paint Colours

23 July 2018

By Darcia

I’m sure every real estate agent has been in the position of asking homeowners to “spruce up” their property before putting it on the market. I’m equally sure that every real estate agent has received pushback on this suggestion at least once or twice.

“But I need to sell now! What can a few buckets of paint do for my bottom line, anyway?” 

Zillow Paint ResearchFortunately, Zillow has recently published some research to help you answer that question. Among other quick fixes, something as simple as painting can make a huge difference when selling a home.

In fact, according to Zillow, the right paint colours can add, on average, up to $14k to your selling price!

According to recent Zillow research, something as simple as painting the front door your favourite shade of black can add more than $6,200 to your selling price.

Adding a fresh coat of Periwinkle blue paint in your powder room can increase your selling price by more than $2,750.

Kitchen cabinets? White or light coloured upper cabinets contrasted with navy blue or black lowers/island can add more than $1,500.

In addition, light taupe walls in the living room could give you an extra $2,800 in your pocket.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong paint colours can have the opposite effect on your selling price. For example, a yellow house exterior can drive down the selling price by almost $3,500. Kitchens painted in shades of red can cost you over $2,300. And dining rooms painted in browns with yellow undertones or oat brown, medium sandy brown or anything in between mean a difference of almost $1,700.

Once you get your clients on board with paint, perhaps you can move on to light fixtures!


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