How to Boost Real Estate Leads from Your Geographic Farm

25 July 2018

By Allan Goldstein

Real Estate Networking TipsImagine you receive a newsletter from a home improvement contractor. (Let’s call him Joe.) His direct mail piece, sent to you monthly, features a friendly personal message, along with helpful articles on saving money, renovation ideas, safety tips, design advice and more.

You enjoy Joe’s newsletter. So do your neighbours. As a result, many in the community see him as the go-to renovation expert for the area.

Then, one day, you decide to renovate your kitchen. Who are you going to call for that big project?

Probably Joe.

Why? Because you’ve come to know, like and trust him, due in large part to the high-quality content he sends you each month.

Improve Your Content. Get More Leads.

When you’re targeting a community or “geographic farm” as a real estate agent, staying in regular contact is clearly a key to success. But how you stay in touch is just as important. You can’t personally speak to every resident, every month. That’s just not do-able. So the content you send has to do most of the heavy-lifting in positioning you as the go-to agent for the area.

But what if the content you’re using for your real estate direct mail newsletter is mediocre? What if the articles are poorly written and unoriginal? What if the news is not current nor relevant? What if your personal messages don’t sound authentic?

Well, you’re going to get mediocre results! In other words, very few, if any, leads.

The flip side of this, however, is that you can generate more leads from your geographic farm, faster, if you use better content.

It’s Simple Math.

Let’s say, for example, you started to send a real estate farming direct mail piece that features significantly better content. Great articles. Insightful news. A personal message that builds the relationship. What would happen?

Chances are, your newsletter would quickly begin to get:

  • Noticed more often
  • Read more often.
  • Shared more often.
  • Remembered more often.
  • Kept around more often. (It might even get clipped to the fridge door. A place of honor in any household!)

Overall, due to better content, your farming newsletter would work a lot harder for you. As a result, you’ll start seeing more leads and referrals from the community.

PCU-DirectMailNewsletterIs it true that offering high quality content is more difficult and time consuming than sending out less valuable content? Yes of course. But the good news is, there are resources that can help. For example, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group provides direct mail real estate newsletters that are professionally designed, written, printed and mailed for you! There’s even options for customization and personal messaging.

Bottom line: If you want to boost real estate leads from an area you’re targeting, look for ways to send better quality content. Next to maintaining an optimal contact frequency, it’s the surest way to improve results in your geographic farm.

Would you like to know how top Realtors choose their geographic farm? Read last week’s article: How Successful Real Estate Agents Choose their Geographic Farm in 5 Steps.


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