The Latest LinkedIn Techniques for Generating Real Estate Leads

26 February 2019

By Darcia

Real Estate Marketing LinkedInDo you have business people, professionals, or career-seekers in your target audience? If so, here’s a statistic you should know…

50% are LinkedIn users.

That means they’re active on this social media network. They connect, post, comment and search. In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, ten new professionals will have joined LinkedIn!

So how do you leverage this trend to boost your real estate social media marketing results? Here are the top techniques:

  • Put keywords in your profile. Increasingly, professionals are using LinkedIn to search for other professionals, like real estate agents! They trust the search results more so than Google. To ensure you’re found, make sure your profile — especially the title and summary sections — contain keywords your prospects likely use to search for a real estate agent.
  • Post great content. You can post both short-form content (resembling tweets) and long-form content, such as real estate blog articles. Like any social media network, posting great content builds your reputation and generates real estate leads. To automate this process, use a good real estate marketing system.
  • Make connections. Search LinkedIn for active prospects and clients (past and present) who are members. Then invite them to be a connection. Don’t use LinkedIn’s default message when doing this. Instead, write your own personal message. Research shows you’ll get twice the connections that way.
  • Request recommendations. Client testimonials are wonderful. But they’re even more effective on LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn testimonials can’t be faked. At least, not easily. So, professionals tend to trust them more.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn Groups. There may be LinkedIn Groups for businesses in the areas you target. For example, “Georgetown Business Owners Group”. If so, join them. Often, in these groups, people ask for recommendations, such as “Anyone know a good real estate agent?” Also, these groups are great for meeting new real estate agent referral
  • Post the occasional video. LinkedIn tends to rank videos high on timelines, and studies show that they get five times more comments — in other words, engagement — than other types of posts.
  • Comment selectively. Commenting on every post from all your connections is way too time-consuming to be practical. So, be selective. Watch out for posts from hot prospects and good past clients likely to give you real estate referrals. Commenting on their posts helps build those relationships.
  • Use InMail. LinkedIn’s messaging feature gets a 30 times higher open rate than regular email. However, you only get a few InMail credits each month, depending on your account level. So use InMail for those tough-to-reach prospects who aren’t responding in other ways.

If even some of your prospects and clients are professionals, they’re probably on LinkedIn. Review these tips and implement at least one of these strategies this week. And don’t forget to like Morris Real Estate Marketing Group on LinkedIn!

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