Does Real Estate Direct Mail Work for Millennials?

05 March 2019

By Darcia

Direct Mail NewsletterAccording to Pew Research, half of millennials are now in their 30s. So this is a demographic that not only includes first-time buyers, but also a growing number of homeowners who are selling and upsizing.

If you want more real estate agent leads from this group, it’s all-to-easy to buy into the stereotype. That is, millennials are decidedly digital creatures, only reachable via text, email and social media. “Direct mail?” You might ask, skeptically. “Will millennials even look at that!”

The data says yes.

According to research by the U.S. Postal Service, not only do millennials welcome direct mail, such as real estate newsletters, they, in some cases, respond in higher numbers than other demographic groups!

If your target market includes millennials, and you’re wondering about direct mail, consider the following:

  1. They check it. When your newsletter arrives in a millennial’s mailbox, they are highly likely to notice and review it. In fact, 84% report they do exactly that when they receive a direct mail piece.
  2. They read it. 64% of millennials say they look through direct mail to find useful information. That means if your direct mail newsletter contains personalized messages and high-interest content, it’s likely to be read or, at least, scanned.
  3. They trust it. Surprising, 90% trust direct mail more so than digital marketing messages. This is one of the reasons why real estate direct mail is so effective at building loyalty with — and generating referrals from — your millennial clients.
  4. They act on it. 57% of millennials say they’ve made purchasing decisions as a result of direct mail they’ve received. These purchases include products, of course, but also decisions that lead to hiring a particular real estate agent or buying a home.
  5. They like it! There’s no doubt about it. Millennials like receiving direct mail. In fact, a whopping 87% report they do. So if your direct mail newsletter is high quality and personalized, they’ll look forward to seeing it each month.

What’s the bottom line on all this data?

It definitely shows that, although email and social media are still viable ways to reach Millennials, you can’t ignore direct mail. This demographic responds positively to it and, most importantly, acts on it.

So if you want to get more leads and referrals from this group, make sure real estate direct mail is a key component of your marketing and stay-in-touch efforts.

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