Generate More Real Estate Leads with Curated Content

19 January 2022

By Darcia

Last week, we talked about curated content  – what it is and and how it can significantly improve your real estate social media results, which in turn boosts real estate lead generation.

In a nutshell, curated content is sharing high-value content — articles, videos, etc. — from top-drawer sources, such as FORBES. When you do that, you’re aligning yourself with the quality and credibility of that content. As a result, your target audience sees you as a source of great information.

What’s not to like?

However, in Part 1, we also pointed out that content curation has an Achilles’ Heel.

Two, in fact.

First, you have to find great content to share for your real estate social media. That can be a challenge. Do you really want to scour the internet for hours each month finding good articles and videos? And second, some of the best content you’d love to share is blocked by paywalls or pop-up ads. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to give your audience that annoying experience.

There is another issue, too. It involves branding and real estate lead generation.

Say you find a terrific article on a home improvement website. When you post a link to that article, you’ll be sending people to their website, not yours. You’ll have then disappeared from the experience. What if the reader is a prospect? Will they be able to easily find you again and contact you?

But before you get into a funk about the downside of curated content, there is a solution. You can reap all the benefits of this proven real estate social media marketing strategy and none of the problems.

There is an application called Social Stream that completely automates finding and streaming high-quality content to your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Let’s look at this solution from the perspective of the problems it solves for you:


PROBLEM: Finding great content takes too much time.

SOLUTION: Social Stream finds the best content for you, based on your topic selections, and then automatically streams that content to your real estate social media channels.


PROBLEM: The best content is behind paywalls or riddled with annoying pop-up ads.

SOLUTION: Social Stream features exclusive ad-free content from the top publishers in the business, such as HGTV, Martha Stewart, and The Huffington Post.


PROBLEM: When you share content, you and your brand disappear from the experience.

SOLUTION: Social Media shares the content within a special landing page that includes your name, picture, logo and contact information. That essentially doubles the potential for real estate leads.


So, as you can see, Social Stream gives you all the advantages of content curation and none of the issues.

By the way, IXACT Contact, the CRM included with our Client Referrals System, includes Social Stream as an optional add-on.

Is it time to get curated content working for you?

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