7 Ways to Add Value with your Real Estate Marketing

06 January 2021

By Darcia

As you know, real estate marketing isn’t the same as selling running shoes. When you sell shoes, you’re focused squarely on the transaction. You make your pitch and hope it ends with the customer pulling out his credit card. If he doesn’t, you move on to the next shopper.

When you’re marketing your real estate services, however, it’s much more about building relationships. You want your prospect to know, like and trust you – and see you as their go-to agent.

The primary way you do that is by adding value.

When you’re adding value with each contact you make with your prospects, it’s like investing in a fund guaranteed to get bigger returns for you year-after-year. (In other words, more real estate leads and real estate referrals.)

Think about it. Who would you prefer to hire for a professional service? Someone who is constantly trying to sell you, or someone who delivers value each time they connect with you?

The answer’s obvious.

So, how do you add value with the real estate marketing you do? Here are a few suggestions that are proven to work well:

  1. Whenever you call, email or otherwise contact a prospect, plan out how you can add value. For example, you can have some helpful market data on hand to share.
  2. Build relationships in your real estate geographic farm with a good real estate newsletter. With a monthly geo farming newsletter packed with helpful news and articles, the value is built in.
  3. Do an annual checkup with past clients. It’s a valuable service to those homeowners and further positions you as their
  4. Send a client newsletter to past clients to constantly remind them of the value you bring. This will not only help you gain more repeat business but also more real estate referrals.
  5. Put together an event each year for prospects and clients. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. For example, you can host a webinar on ZOOM. Events like these are seen by prospects as inherently valuable. They’re also an effective way to meet new prospects.
  6. When following-up with prospects, avoid the “Are you ready to sell yet?” spiel. That becomes annoying, fast. Instead, focus on having a conversation and identifying ways you can help.
  7. When you have helpful information for a particular prospect—for example, a “Just Sold” in their neighbour—call or send an email right away. For example, “Just calling to share some information I think will be very helpful to you…”

There are, of course, many other ways to add value. The point is to make building relationships the core driver of your real estate marketing. If you do, you’re much more likely to land more clients and listings — and build a thriving business for years to come.

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