3 More Tips for Using LinkedIn to Get Real Estate Agent Leads

12 November 2019

By Darcia

These days, it’s not a question of who amongst your prospects and clients is on LinkedIn, but who isn’t? The social media site has become so popular that by the time you finish this sentence, twelve more people will have joined it. (Two new LinkedIn accounts are opened every second.)

Should LinkedIn be part of your real estate social media marketing strategy, if it isn’t already? That, of course, depends on your marketplace. If your buyers and sellers include professionals and job seekers, then many will have an account and be active on the platform.

So, how do you get more real estate leads with LinkedIn? We highlighted several tips in a blog post earlier this year. Here are some additional strategies that work well:

  1. Write a great headline.

Where’s the headline on your LinkedIn profile? It’s that line, just below your name, describing what you do. Like an advertising headline, it needs to gain attention and motivate people to learn more about you and your services.

The best way to write it is to imagine doing a LinkedIn search for a real estate agent in your area. A list of names will come up. What you want is your headline to stand out from that list and motivate a prospect to click. Brainstorm some possibilities.

  1. Pump up your ABOUT section.

One of the first things buyers and sellers will see, once they click to your profile, is the short overview of you and your services. That’s the ABOUT section. It’s similar to your real estate agent website home page. (Not your website about page.)

When you write this section, think about what you want buyers and sellers to know about you. Also, include a list of important keywords and skills, such as “#1 in sales in Whitby north”. In fact, highlighting your real estate geographic farm is a good idea. It lets LinkedIn users in that area know you’re the agent for them.

  1. Connect with clients and prospects

Connecting with past clients, as well as real estate prospects that you’re working, opens the door to several new ways to stay-in-touch with those contacts. For example, you can send them an InMail email message. Your posts on LinkedIn also show up more often on their timelines.

Staying-in-touch with clients is key to generating real estate referrals from that group. In fact, you’ll get the best results if you use a comprehensive client referrals system that includes real estate social media marketing tools.

The same is true with long-term prospects. LinkedIn gives you more opportunities to follow-up and position yourself as their best choice.

Bottom line: If you’re using LinkedIn, try these tips to boost your results. If LinkedIn is not part of your real estate social media marketing mix, then get started!

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