5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Geo Farming Results

22 July 2021

By Darcia

You’ve probably heard a lot of speculative ideas when it comes to real estate marketing. For example, someone might have reported that they’re on TikTok and getting a ton of real estate leads.

But is that tactic proven to work? Just because one person reportedly got results doesn’t mean everyone will.

When growing your business, you want to focus primarily on real estate marketing tactics that are well-tested and working like gangbusters for the majority of agents.

Take real estate geographic farming, for example. What are the truly proven techniques for getting real estate leads from an area you target?

We’ve been working with agents on their real estate geographic farming for decades, so we’ve seen what’s working first-hand. Take a look…

  1. Reach out to residents once a month Consistency is key when geo farming. You want your prospects to hear from you regularly, ideally each month. That creates a relationship-building momentum that creates awareness and trust — resulting in more real estate leads.
  2. Use a real estate newsletter Sending a high-value geographic farming newsletter is the next best thing to visiting residents personally. Make sure your geo farming newsletter communicates your brand and personal message with impact, while also featuring great content: local market updates, news, how-to articles, etc. Direct mail is the best format for a geographic farming newsletter because it guarantees that you reach every address, cost-effectively.
  3. Organize a community event There are endless ideas for community events you can organize that will quickly increase your profile in the neighbourhood, while also making a significant “goodwill deposit. For example, you can host a neighbourhood BBQ, fundraising drive, litter clean-up day (which may count as volunteer credits for teenagers), and more. And don’t forget that you can also host an event online.We recommend organizing a community event in your geographic farm once a year.
  4. Be seen a lot  Always be on the lookout for opportunities to be visible and, in a way, part of the community. When you’re working in the area and see a resident, take a moment to introduce yourself. If the community has a Facebook Group, join it. If there is a community event coming up, attend it. (Or, better still, consider being a sponsor.)
  5. Spread news of your successes Whenever you have a new listing or sold in the area, be sure to spread the news to the residents. You can do that with a Just Sold or Just Listed postcard (or e-card.) For those residents you’ve gotten to know well, consider updating them personally — especially if they’ve indicated an interest in listing soon.

So those are five proven techniques, but there are many more. The great thing about these is that they’re proven! You don’t have to wonder whether or not they’ll work. You can apply these tactics with confidence.

And signing up with a geographic farming system that incorporates all the latest best practices makes getting better results a lot easier.

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