Marketing “Power Tools” that Boost Real Estate Lead Generation and Conversion

25 October 2018

By Darcia

outdated marketingYou may not be old enough to remember “push” lawn mowers. But you can imagine how much work it must have been to manually cut the grass. By most accounts, it took twice as long and you ended up exhausted.

Thank goodness for powered mowers!

This is an apt analogy when it comes to your real estate marketing. There are a lot of activities you might still be doing manually. If you switched to an automated, or almost automated, system — preferably one where most of the work is done for you — marketing wouldn’t be as tiring.

And you’d likely generate more real estate leads as a result.


Take a look at the following marketing activities, which can be made easier with the right marketing “power tools”.

  • Website lead capture. Are you manually recording leads that come in from your agent website? That can be a lot of work and, when you’re busy, you might miss a lead. Consider a tool that automatically posts website leads into your real estate CRM.
  • Writing your blog. An active, well-written blog helps you be seen as an expert, boost your SEO, and generate leads. However, it’s not easy to write a new post every week. The good news is, there are marketing systems that include professionally-written blog articles you can use.
  • Staying in touch. Staying in regular contact with past clients, current prospects, and the communities you target, is crucial to getting leads and real estate agent referrals. But trying to manage all this manually can be time-consuming and all-to-easy to fall behind. A done-for-you real estate marketing system that automates these activities is the solution.
  • Drip email marketing. Writing a sequence of emails to target FSBOs, renters, expired listings and other target audiences is difficult. Plus, you really need some copywriting expertise to get these messages right. Fortunately, there are marketing systems available that include ready-made drip marketing campaigns.
  • Contact management. One of the most time-consuming tasks is manually recording and managing your contacts, listings, daily tasks and other information you need to run your business. That’s why it’s important to use a real estate CRM that makes these activities easy for you. (Be sure it works on your mobile device, too.)
  • Direct mail. Real estate direct mail is one of the surest and most effective means of reaching prospects and past clients. It’s also the necessary ingredient to successful geographic farming (also known as “community marketing.) You don’t have to spend untold hours each month creating, mailing and managing your direct mailings. Find a marketing system that does most of the heavy-lifting for you.

These are just some of the activities made a lot easier with the right marketing “power tools”. So take a look at what you’re currently doing manually and ask yourself, “Is there a better, faster way?” Chances are, there is!

fast real estate marketing

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