3 Tips to Manage Your Real Estate CRM in Half the Time

16 May 2018

By Allan Goldstein

Best Real Estate CRMYou’ve just finished an open house and have come away with a stack of new leads. Now you’re driving across town to an important listing presentation. It’s getting late and you still have a few phone calls to make. Ah, the fast-paced life of a real estate agent!

So, where do you find the time to manage your real estate CRM?

The first step is to get into the right mindset. Inputting contacts into your database may seem like a mundane task, but it’s actually a crucial sales activity.

Getting new prospects into your CRM means you’ll be able to more easily:

This assumes, of course, that you’re using the best real estate CRM for your business. If you are then, as an article in Selling Power magazine points out, you’ll be able to “…serve customers better, which in turn helps build stronger relationships. Those relationships lead to better sales and more satisfied customers.”

But, of course, you get none of those benefits if you don’t keep your CRM updated. Here are some tips for cutting the time it takes to do that.

1. Use the best CRM solution for real estate agents.

The CRM system you use should be tailored to real estate agents, be cloud-based (so you can access it on any device), feature robust contact management tools, and enable you to manage your key sales and marketing activities. Most importantly, it should be easy to use!

If your CRM doesn’t have these features, considering switching.

2. Update your database each week.

Block out time on your calendar to input new names into your CRM and update other information. When you do this each week, you make it a habit; just part of your routine. And like any activity that you do regularly, you naturally become faster and better at it — saving you time.

3. Harness automated features.

Learn about all the automated features of your CRM system and how to use them. Those features can save you hours each month. For example, can your real estate CRM capture leads automatically from your website sign-up forms? Does it synch with Gmail and Outlook? If so, use that capability!

Keeping your CRM up-to-date is a key to success as a real estate agent, and is a crucial part of a successful Referral Marketing System. Use these tips to make the task easier and faster.



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