New Real Estate Agents: 5 Things Your Real Estate Marketing Must Do

16 March 2022

By Darcia

If you’re like most new real estate agents, you dream about having a thriving business where you’re consistently generating real estate leads and referrals, getting lots of listings, and making a great income doing what you love.

To arrive at that nirvana, however, one of the most important decisions you need to make involves how you’ll market yourself.

If you approach your real estate marketing in the right ways, your chances of success are good. Probably very good! On the other hand, if you market in ways that make things a struggle, don’t generate good leads, and force you to chase (rather than attract) new business, you’ll be miserable.

And broke.

How you market yourself is key to your success. Especially in your first year when you’re laying the foundation. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the five things your real estate marketing must do.

  1. Your real estate marketing must build relationships It’s a mistake to think that real estate marketing is just about getting transactions. Of course, getting new clients and listings are the result of effective marketing. But the focus needs to be on building relationships — with clients, prospects, real estate geo farm residents, and business contacts.If your real estate marketing isn’t building relationships, generating good real estate leads will always be a struggle.The good news is, taking a relationship marketing approach not only works better, but it’s also a more pleasurable and long-lasting way to build your reputation and business for years to come.
  2. Your real estate marketing must be automated and mostly DFU If your real estate marketing becomes an arduous task where you’re dealing with multiple vendors and doing much of the marketing grunt work yourself, you won’t get good results. That’s because you’ll become tired and frustrated. Worse, the time you’re taking “getting this week’s marketing done” will interfere with your ability to work with clients.You want to be a real estate agent, not a marketing manager, right? To build a thriving business as a Realtor, you need marketing that is effective, automated, and mostly done-for-you. (For example, our marketing success system for new agents takes care of all the writing, design, printing and mailing for you.)
  3. Your real estate marketing must be a system A big mistake that new agents make is thinking of marketing as a list of activities. For example, “Post to social media,” “Send out some emails,” “Drop off a few flyers.” That kind of hit-and-miss approach to real estate marketing rarely works. What does work is a marketing system.The more your marketing is a cohesive system focused on consistently generating real estate leads and real estate referrals, the better your results will be. Your real estate marketing will be a lot less work, too.So don’t look for the next marketing “thing” to do to get real estate leads. Instead, find the right real estate marketing system.
  4. Your Real estate marketing must reach prospects and clients in multiple ways These days, there are many ways to connect with prospects and clients: email, phone, text, social media, calls, visits, direct mail. Ideally, your real estate marketing should leverage most, if not all, of these channels. When you reach prospects and clients in multiple ways, you make a more effective impact overall. For example, if you mail a real estate newsletter to residents of your new geographic farm each month, and them complement that with scheduled calls and an annual community event, you’ll quickly be seen as that community’s go-to agent. As a result, you’ll be in a position to get the lion’s share of those real estate leads. All marketing channels are effective in their own way, but whatever mix of communications you use, make sure one of them is monthly real estate direct mail. No other real estate marketing tool makes such a unique impact and builds relationships with more certainty.
  5. Your real estate marketing must add value Few, if any, real estate agents have become successful due to repeatedly pitching their services. What most top performers do instead is add value with every communication.For example, when you follow up with a new prospect, the last thing you want to do is try to hard-sell them. That will get you nowhere. Instead, focus on adding value. In this case, offer to answer questions and provide them with helpful advice. Demonstrate that you’re the type of agent they’d want to work with. The same holds true when you’re keeping in touch with prospects and clients over the long term. Every time you reach out to them (ideally each month), you want to add value. That’s why a real estate newsletter is so powerful. For example, our real estate newsletters for client referrals and geographic farming have value built-in — in the form of high-interest articles, tips, and market insights.

So now you know the five things your real estate marketing for new Realtors must do.

Why are those five things so effective?

The reason is simple. When your real estate marketing is keeping you in touch, building relationships, and adding value — and doing so within a system that is automated and done-for-you — you establish yourself more quickly as the referral-worthy agent to your clients, prospects, and geographic farm residents.

And that is, without a doubt, the key to becoming a successful agent.

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