A Special Announcement from Morris Marketing Group

22 January 2019

By Darcia


Morris Marketing Group Inc. Celebrates it’s 90th Anniversary

Family Owned and Operated Since 1929

As a family owned 3rd generation company, Morris Marketing Group is excited and proud to celebrate their 90th year in business. Over the decades, Morris has evolved from a small printing company to North America’s leading provider of real estate marketing systems.

“Three core factors have contributed to our success and longevity,” says Allan Goldstein, President/CEO. “My grandfather, understood that the office should be welcome environment, and that’s how he treated everyone who walked through our doors. This value was passed on to my father and then to me. Since the company opened it’s doors, we’ve also committed strongly to change. A company cannot survive if it doesn’t evolve to fit the needs of its customers and environment. The final factor in our longevity is dedication to client success. Everything we do starts with the question, “Will this help our clients succeed?”.”

Morris Marketing Group remains at the forefront of the real estate marketing industry by combining proven real estate marketing methods with the latest, most powerful technology available, such as IXACT Contact – the leading real estate CRM and automation software in the industry – a sister company to Morris Marketing Group.

Historical Timeline of Morris Marketing Group:

  • 1929 – Opened its doors as a general commercial printing company, focusing on posters, flyers, stationary and labels.
  • 1966 – Became the first printing company to offer graphic design services. Began to specialize in foodservice and hospitality industry.
  • 1993 – Launched a new division, specific to customized printed newsletters and postcards for real estate agents.
  • 1995 – Moved focus exclusively to real estate industry and expanded services to include training on referral and repeat marketing strategies.
  • 2007 – Launch of IXACT contact – a complete real estate specific CRM and marketing automation system.
  • 2018 – Launch of the Real Estate Marketing Success System.

About Morris Marketing Group Inc.: North America’s most trusted real estate marketing company and leading source for customized real estate lead generation, lead conversion and referral marketing systems. Morris Marketing Group has helped thousands of real estate agents achieve higher levels of success using it’s proven Real Estate Marketing Success Systems.



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