Rookie Realtors: How to Stay Motivated During the “Marathon Middle.”

12 August 2022

By Darcia

If you’re a new real estate agent, the first year can be challenging. That’s especially so at about the six-month point — the middle — when things start to feel overwhelming. In fact, some rookie realtors feel like quitting at this point, which is unfortunate.

A helpful analogy for this is the marathon. If you’ve been involved in one, you know that the starting line is usually exciting, the finish line is a hands-in-the-air celebration, but the middle is often tough going.

No one quits a marathon at the beginning or end. But lots do in the middle!

So, how do you stay motivated during “the marathon middle” of your first year as an agent?

One way is to transform your real estate marketing into a cohesive system, rather than a disjointed series of activities and campaigns.

During their first year, most new agents will try different things to generate real estate leads. They might experiment with cold calling, ads, online lead services, and networking. What invariably happens is that all these marketing activities pile up, becoming time-consuming and messy — like clutter accumulating in a garage.

So it’s no surprise that real estate marketing is often a source of stress and overwhelm for new agents after their first few months in the business.

That’s why, if you’re a Rookie Realtor, it’s important to get your marketing working as a system that predictably generates real estate leads for you. When you have such a real estate marketing system in place, you’ll feel less stressed and more motivated.

Say, for example, you’re targeting a real estate geographic farm. Your goal is, of course, to build your reputation in that community to a point where you’re the go-to agent and get the lion’s share of the real estate leads. So you do some doorknocking, make several cold calls, pay for a flyer drop, buy a bus shelter ad, but… cue the crickets… you don’t get any real estate leads.

That scenario would make most first-year agents second-guess their career choice!

But what if you had a comprehensive real estate marketing system in place — one that is proven to build your reputation, keep you top-of-mind with the homeowners, and position you as the agent-of-choice? A geographic farming system with a long-time track record of helping thousands of agents dominate their farms.

If you transitioned to a system like that, you’d probably roll through the “marathon middle” with confidence.

We know this from experience because we work with hundreds of Rookie Realtors each year. In addition to our geographic farming system, we also have a special real estate marketing success system specifically for first-year agents that enables you to rapidly grow your network and generate and convert more real estate leads.

So if you’re a Rookie Realtor, let’s talk.

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