4 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Rookie Real Estate Agent

12 February 2020

By Darcia

4 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Rookie Real Estate Agent

Your first year as a real estate rookie can be challenging. Like any business, there are ups and downs in the start-up phase and you’re likely to struggle to stay motivated at times.

That’s normal.

The good news is, there’s a lot you can do to maintain confidence, energy and momentum, even when the going gets tough. Let’s take a look at some practical techniques you can use to keep your motivation humming.

  1. Set ambitious, yet reasonable goals Chances are, you have a vision as to where you want to be after your first year as a real estate agent. To stay motivated, you need to strike the right balance between ambitious goals and reasonable ones. If a goal is too easy, you won’t feel inspired. If a goal is too gargantuan — “Be #1 in sales in my market” — you risk disappointment and self-doubt, both confidence killers.  The best goal is one that requires you to stretch, yet is reasonable and achievable. For example, “Set up a solid geo farming system for an area I want to target.”
  2. Start building relationships early As a rookie real estate agent, relationships grow your business in numerous ways. The more relationships you’re building with prospects, clients, and business contacts, the more motivated you’ll feel. Why? Because each new relationship brings with it the potential for more real estate agent leads and referrals. That’s motivating! So, if you haven’t done so already, get a good real estate CRM and start growing and nurturing your contact database today. It’s one of the best investments in your future success.
  3. Reflect on your progress Have you ever felt like you weren’t getting anywhere with a goal, but then you compared where you started to where you are now, and realized how far you’ve come? For example, say you’re not getting as many listings each month as you hoped? Reflect on that for a moment. You started your career with no listings! Now, you’ve had a few listings, a couple of strong client testimonials, and a real estate marketing system that’s generating more leads for you. Hey, you’ve accomplished a lot!
  4. Use a good real estate marketing system Marketing is a lot of work — too much work — to do it all on your own, or piece together with multiple real estate marketing services. What the top producers do is use real estate marketing systems for client referrals, real estate geographic farming, and lead conversion. It’s never too early in your career to do the same thing! When you have a done-for-you, automated marketing system working for you in the background, that keeps you motivated. That’s because you know you’re continuously touching base with prospects and clients, and positioning yourself with them as their go-to agent.

So, if you’re concerned about staying motivated as a newly licensed Realtor, try these ideas.

By the way, we understand the cost pressures rookie real estate agents are under. That’s why we offer a Rookie Realtor program to give new agents the marketing systems they need to succeed. Learn more here.



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