Realtors: Three simple ways to improve your Referability

05 January 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

0814Article2-BROKERRealtors you know if you do the right things in your business, you will steadily attract more and more referrals from past clients and other sources. That is what Referral & Repeat Marketing is all about.

But imagine if there were some simple things you could do – things that take hardly any time at all and cost you nothing – that would make Referral & Repeat Marketing work even faster and better for you.

Well, there are! According to Dan Sullivan, author of Learning How To Avoid The Gap, there are three key personality traits that are certain to improve your “referability”.

And, these traits are all easy to incorporate into your day-to-day dealings with prospects and clients.

1. Be on time.

You may be on time for meetings, but are you late for other things? Do you return phone calls and emails when you say you will? To be a referable agent, you must demonstrate your reliability continuously. Do not leave clients waiting for a phone call that never comes.

2. Do what you say.

Did you promise to send a client a list of potential new homes? Were you asked to recommend a landscape contractor? Clients get annoyed at professionals who say they will do something but do not. Keep your promises. If you say you will do something – do it.

3. Say “Please” and “Thank you”

Some of the most valuable lessons in life are learned in kindergarten. Asking for permission (“Please”) and showing your appreciation (“Thank you”) are the building blocks of successful relationships.

If you want to build client loyalty, being polite is the easiest way to do it – and being rude is the fastest way to destroy it. Are the personality traits above overly simplistic? Yes, they are.

But it is remarkable how few realtors follow them. So you can gain a competitive advantage just by being timely, honest, and polite!

Takeaway Point: You will attract more referrals by being on time, doing what you say you will do, and being polite.


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