Realtors the car Radio isn’t always your best friend!

15 December 2014

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

car audio systemRealtors its no secret that you spend a lot of time in your car. In fact, you are probably the local road warrior; continuously on the go visiting clients, checking out the latest new listings, meeting with prospects, and negotiating deals. You could wind up spending two to three hours in your car each day.

What do you do with all that “drive time”?

Many real estate agents listen to news or talk shows on the radio while driving. There is nothing wrong with that per se. But too much news – especially bad news – can be distracting, agitating, and downright upsetting.

And it gets worse.

“The media have also found ways to extend the stories that are truly horrible, so that we do not hear them just once,” says Steve Chandler in his book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. “If a plane goes down, we can listen all week long as investigators pick through the wreckage and family members weep before the microphones.”

Continuous exposure to bad news is draining. It can severely lower your level of confidence and motivation, ultimately making you less effective when working with prospects and clients.

If you doubt this, just consider what happens when you hear good news. Chances are, you feel upbeat and energetic. And that is how you want to feel when you are talking with a new prospect or making an important presentation.

So, listen to the news by all means. Just do not listen to it over and over again in your car.

Instead, consider filling those drive time hours with your favorite music or educational tapes or CDs. (Just about every book these days has an audiobook version.)

Be your own radio programmer! 

Takeaway Point: Limit your exposure to radio news shows to a half hour per day. Listen to tapes or CDs that make your feel positive instead.

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