REALTORS: Continue to Get Referrals Even WHEN YOU ARE BUSY!

06 October 2014

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

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As REALTORS, you have some days – even weeks – that are jam-packed with
activities. You are showing homes to clients, hosting open houses, negotiating deals,
following-up on leads, getting the paperwork done. You are busy!

So it’s tempting to put some activities in your Referral & Repeat Marketing plan on the
back burner – just for a couple of weeks until you “catch up”.

That’s a big mistake.


Let’s review the 4 big benefits of Referral & Repeat Marketing:

1. Higher productivity. You attract better quality leads and referrals, so you spend less time turning these prospects into clients.

2. More referrals. Referrals are the source of your highest quality leads. In most cases, they are ready to buy and often a much better fit for you – the kind of people you want to do business with.

3. Fewer issues regarding commission. Tired of haggling over commission? It’s far less of an issue when dealing with referrals from past clients. These prospects are more interested in working with YOU than in getting a bargain basement commission rate. After all, YOU come recommended! They already believe you will do a great job for them.

4. Fewer issues regarding working hours. Knowing that you can deliver the results they need, clients are more willing to trust how you work and be flexible regarding your schedule.

As you can see, Referral & Repeat Marketing is not the problem when you are busy or
feeling overwhelmed. It’s the solution! It is the surest path to a business where you
are a lot less busy, and a lot more successful.
Takeaway Point: Ultimately, Referral & Repeat Marketing saves you time and makes
your business (and your life!) a lot easier. So never put it on the backburner during
busy periods.

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