The Role of Personality in Real Estate Marketing

25 November 2020

By Darcia

Imagine you’re out with friends at a karaoke bar. People are going up on stage to sing their favorite tunes — and you’re terrified. Singing in front of people just isn’t your thing. Sure, you might do it anyway, once, just to be a good sport, but if you had that karaoke mic pushed into your hand every week, you’d be miserable.

Why? Because it’s not your personality.

(Okay, it might be your personality!)

But the point we’re making is, doing something that doesn’t fit with the type of person you are is hard, exhausting, and ultimately unproductive.

What does this have to do with generating real estate agent leads and real estate referrals?

When it comes to real estate marketing, the methods you use should be aligned, as much as possible, with your personality and how you envision your career to be. If it isn’t, then you won’t get very far. You just won’t be able to summon the motivation each day to grow your business.

To put it another way, real estate marketing works best if you’re able to do what you enjoy doing each day.

Here’s an example that many real estate agents can relate to, and perhaps you, too.

Most agents would describe themselves as “a people person”. They got into the business because they want to work with prospects and clients, help those people buy and sell homes, and be a part of the local real estate community.

The last thing that most agents want to do is be on the phone or computer all day. They want to be out there, working with people.

So, if you’re that kind of real estate agent, which marketing strategies are the best fit to your personality?

Probably anything that falls under the umbrellas of marketing and networking.

Take geographic farming, for example. That’s all about networking, growing your contact database, and becoming known to a community of potential prospects. That real estate marketing strategy is all about working with people. So, if you’re a people person, it’s a good fit. You’re going to feel motivated to get to know those people and stay in touch with them.

In that scenario, you’re building your career by building your network. The leads that come your way are from people who have already come to know you.

Contrast that with marketing strategies that are categorized as prospecting and converting. One such strategy, for example, involves generating the majority of your leads online — leads who are, for the most part, strangers to you — and then trying to convert them into a new client. That requires you to spend most of your time following-up and chasing those leads down. That may not be how you want to spend much of your real estate career.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of your personality. It needs to align with the real estate marketing techniques you choose to generate real estate leads and client referrals. Otherwise, you’re business won’t be much fun. Nor successful.

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