Getting More Real Estate Leads on Instagram

25 July 2019

By Darcia

Chances are, up to two-thirds of your prospects and clients will be posting, commenting and sharing on social media this month. So, obviously, you want to be part of those conversations — especially when it concerns selling or buying a home.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are, by far, the most popular sites for engaging with real estate prospects and clients. However, you shouldn’t dismiss Instagram. Although it was a minor player on the social media scene for many years, Instagram has now joined the big leagues. In fact, according to, Instagram has more than a billion users, and that’s growing by 20% a year.

How do you use Instagram to generate more real estate leads and get more real estate agent referrals? Here are the latest techniques:

  • Create a “three point” profile. Instagram doesn’t give you a lot of space to create an elaborate profile. So, make the best of it. You want to include three things: One, a picture. Two, a short description of you and your real estate services. Three, a call-to-action link to your agent website (ideally to a page with a lead-capture form.)
  • Consistently post helpful information. Buyers and sellers often use social media to find answers and helpful tips. So, make sure you’re posting such information regularly. You can post quick tips, pictures of listings, motivational quotes, link to helpful advice, Open House announcements, client success stories and more. A real estate marketing system that includes done-for-you blog and social media posts will make this easy.
  • Use the right Hashtags. Instagram is similar to Twitter in that people often use hashtags to find information they need. Use the most appropriate two or three hashtags for each of your posts. For example, popular hashtags for new home buyers are: #newhomebuyers, #homebuyertips, and #firsttimehomebuyer.
  • Follow your referral sources. Chances are, many of your referral sources — lawyers, movers, contractors, cleaners, mortgage advisers, etc. — have Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow them and, every so often, “like” or comment on their posts. This is another way to build those relationships.
  • Post a video. Videos on Instagram, called IGTV, are becoming increasingly popular. All you need to do is shoot a short video on your phone and then click the IGTV logo on the upper-right of the screen. You can post personal messages, video tours of new listings, interviews with happy clients, and more.

There’s a lot happening on Instagram these days. If you’ve been focusing only on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, consider adding Instagram to the mix. Chances are, you’ll see a boost in your social media real estate lead generation.

And, as mentioned earlier, a real estate lead generation system with social media marketing features makes it easy.

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