7 Real Estate Marketing Materials That Boost Leads and Referrals

29 July 2020

By Darcia

An agent without good real estate marketing materials is like a doctor without a good stethoscope. Like a well-equipped physician, you’ll be more effective when you have the right marketing pieces on hand.

With that in mind, let’s look at seven real estate marketing materials that boost lead generation and referrals, particularly during these pandemic times.

  1. Real Estate Agent website. According to many studies, upwards of 79% of prospects will visit the website before hiring the professional. That’s why lead capture is so important. You want prospects who check out your website to also contact you. If your real estate agent website has a lead-capture form, the chances increase that they will.
  1. Client newsletter. If you want more client referrals — and who doesn’t? — then a real estate newsletter, mailed monthly, is a must. That tactic is proven to increase client referrals over time. In fact, your newsletter may be one of the most important real estate marketing materials in your arsenal.
  1. Geographic farming newsletter. If you’re targeting a farm with the goal of being seen as the go-to agent in that area, you need to stay top-of-mind with those homeowners. No other real estate marketing tool does that better than a monthly direct mail newsletter. If you have the right newsletter, it will boost the “know, like and trust” factor for you each month. That significantly increases the likelihood that you’ll get the call when a resident needs real estate help.
  1. E-newsletter. If the chances of getting referrals from a particular client is very low, you may not want to mail them a real estate direct mail newsletter each month. Yet, you still want to stay in touch — just in case. An e-newsletter — featuring your personal message, market updates, and how-to articles — is the ideal alternative for these contacts.
  1. Greeting cards.Think greeting cards don’t qualify as real estate marketing materials? Think again! When building loyalty among your past clients, sending a card — to acknowledge a home purchase anniversary, birthday, work promotion, etc. — makes a big impact. It shows you’re thinking about them and value them as clients. It helps to make you the kind of agent clients want to refer.
  1. Just Listed/Just Sold. Spreading the news in a neighbourhood where you’ve just listed or sold a home is a proven technique for getting you noticed by new prospects. Keep in mind that, when working a geographic farm, you should also announce local listings and solds in your geographic farming newsletter.
  1. Client stories. Okay, client stories aren’t exactly real estate marketing materials. But they’re worth mentioning here. Sharing client success stories — in your real estate newsletter, on your blog, on social media, and during listing presentations — builds your reputation. Also, client stories help generate real estate leads.

Takeaway: Compare this list to the real estate marketing materials you’re currently using. Ask yourself: Am I using the best materials to maximize my lead generation and referrals? If the answer is no, update your materials accordingly.

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