6 Ways to Reduce Your Real Estate Marketing Workload

25 November 2021

By Darcia

How much time does your marketing take? That might be a little like asking, “How long is a ball of string?” For many agents, real estate marketing is an activity that can go on forever — if you let it.

Take a look at your real estate marketing to-do list. Are there items you probably won’t get to this month? Or even next month?

What you want is your real estate marketing working like a well-oiled machine, humming along each month generating a steady flow of real estate leads and referrals.

The good news is, you can have that without having to devote an excessive amount of time and work to your real estate marketing each month.

Consider these tips for cutting your real estate marketing workload.

  1. Focus on what works There are real estate marketing tactics that are proven to get consistent results. For example, sending a high-value real estate newsletter to past clients results in an increasing number of referrals year after year. We know that first-hand from our work with thousands of agents who use our client referrals system (which features a direct mail newsletter for REALTORS®.)
  2. Avoid shiny diamonds Have you heard about the latest “killer” marketing funnel? Oh, and what about that new “magic formula” for using Tic Toc to attract website traffic? Each week, another new, “game changing” marketing technique is being hyped to agents. Although they can sound exciting, they usually end up wasting your time and money. Unless a real estate marketing tactic has been shown to get results for thousands of agents, stick with what is already working well.
  3. Be consistent If you do something each month, you’re naturally going to get more efficient and better. But that’s not the only reason why consistency is so important. If you’re working a real estate geo farm, for example, you want to stay in touch with those residents regularly. Ideally, monthly (with a good geographic farming newsletter.) So, being consistent not only makes it easier for you, it also makes your marketing work better.
  4. Embrace Done-For-You Chances are, you want to spend most of your time meeting prospects, working with clients, and selling properties. It’s time-consuming to have to write posts for a blog and social media, compose marketing emails, or manually prepare and mail a newsletter to contacts. That’s why, for our clients, we do all that work for them: writing, design, printing, and mailing.
  5. Automate The more you automate marketing tasks, the less work you have to do. But automation does more than simply reduce your marketing workload. It also ensures the quality and effectiveness of your real estate marketing is top-notch, always. That gives you the edge over other agents whose marketing is sporadic or “hit or miss”.
  6. Get a system By far, the best way to generate more real estate leads and referrals with the least amount of time required by you is to use a comprehensive real estate marketing system. With the right system for staying in touch with your past clients, or building your brand in a real estate geographic farm, you have a marketing machine that’s working hard for you — while you do other things.

Takeaway: Stick with what works and use an automated, done-for-you marketing system. That’s the best way to maximize real estate marketing results while minimizing your workload.

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