NAR Tackles Real Estate Marketing to Millennials

04 April 2018

By Darcia

Let’s face it: Connecting with Millennials can be a challenge. Of course, if you’re a billionaire tycoon in Australia, you might believe that they are not worth your effort because Millennials are more interested in avocados than home buying. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR), however, recognizes that Millennials purchase real estate. In fact, over the last few years, Millennials have represented the largest slice of home buyer pie at 34 percent – many of whom are first-time home buyers. With this fact established, NAR has turned attention and advertising dollars towards this specific target market.

NAR’s campaign faces three primary goals:

  1. Prove Relevance – Why it’s necessary to have representation in the home buying process.
  2. Raise Awareness – Real Estate Agent vs. Realtor®.
  3. Spur Action – Motivate Millennials to purchase a home through a Realtor®.

NAR has attempted to tackle these tasks by partnering with the ultra-successful television series Modern Family, specifically with character Phil Dunphy, Realtor® extraordinaire. While the campaign, a combination of product placement and commercials, is still ongoing, here are some of the preliminary results:

Of course, as a real estate professional your budget may not be quite as high as the National Association of Realtors®. If you would like some information, tips and tricks for real estate marketing to Millennials on a budget, please check in next week for our Top 5 Tips for Real Estate Marketing to Millennials.

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