New Realtors®: Generate More Referrals, Leads, and Sales

21 September 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Rookie Realtor Offer

Are you new to real estate?

If you’ve just started out in the real estate business, you’ve probably already discovered that those first few months can be financially challenging.

Many new real estate agents forget that they’re going into business for themselves; and they don’t realize that they need building tools, resources, and proven business practices to help guide them to a successful career.

If you are like most most new real estate agents then you will find it hard to:

  • manage expenses when you haven’t earned any commission income yet;
  • develop a business with a limited budget and limited resources; and
  • get started on an effective marketing strategy.

So, want to know how New Realtors® Generate More Referrals, Leads, and Sales?

Introducing the Rookie Realtor Special Offer from Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, an affordable system that will help you easily and effectively manage your business and marketing so that you can build your business. This offer was designed specifically with new Realtors® in mind. It provides the guidance you need to get your marketing system started, and the tools you need to build your base of clients and prospects – all without breaking the bank. In fact, the first 6 months are free*!

What does the The Rookie Realtor Offer include?

1. Free Coaching Session 

Complimentary Referral and Repeat Marketing one-on-one coaching session worth $500.

2. The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book 

The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book is an integral educational component of the Rookie Realtor Offer, because it clearly articulates marketing strategies and gives you specific examples and ideas on how to build your real estate business from day one. It guides you on ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’.

3. IXACT Contact, the best CRM for real estate agents

IXACT Contact is the best business contact management software specifically built for real estate agents. It’s the hub of your entire business operation and it empowers you to easily and quickly manage all your activities from a central platform.

4. Free responsive and mobile friendly agent website 

A free beautifully designed, customizable website that looks great on any device including mobile phones. Your website comes pre-populated with 16 pages of high-quality content. You can easily customize and edit your website content and add as many webpages as you like.

5. Up to 50 Direct Mail Newsletters per month for free*

The Rookie Realtor Offer includes up to 50 Direct Mail Newsletters per month for free* for realtors who have been licensed for less than one year. We write, design, print, and mail to your “A-List” a monthly customizable high impact Direct Mail Newsletter.

6. Monthly e-Newsletters

We write, design, and automatically email, up to 2,500 prospecting monthly e-Newsletters that are customizable with your personal header and message.

7. Two Blog posts per month

We provide two professionally written articles to post on your blog or social media sites each month.

8. Seven Social Media posts per month

We make your social media efforts easier by supplying you with seven posts per month.

9. Marketing Idea Hotline

We offer you telephone access to a marketing expert any-time you need answers, advice, or fresh ideas.

 Here is what a new realtor that signed-up to The Rookie Offer had to say about her experience:

 “The Rookie Realtor Offer, has been a tremendous help in my first year in real estate. So far 60% of my business has been generated from referrals. This system will continue to help me grow and become more successful in real estate.”
—Carol Edwards

Just remember, The Rookie Realtor Offer is a limited 6 month Special Offer, and is only available to real estate agents who have been licensed for less than 12 months. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your business off to a successful start.

Takeaway Point: The Rookie Realtor Special Offer is a special introductory offer of our very popular Referral Marketing System so you can be assured it’s a proven system designed for success because:

  1. It will help you implement a systems based real estate business right from the start.
  2. It will enable you to automatically send the right communication messages to your clients and prospects, manage your valuable database and control your day-to-day business, so you can focus your time on income generating activities.

Contact us now, to get started.

*Shipping and Postage not included, up to 50 direct mail newsletters per month.



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