Ikea Ideas for Home Staging and Home Inspiration

16 July 2019

By Darcia

Did you know that Ikea has and Ideas section on their website?

Okay, we’re the first to admit, not all of the Ikea Ideas are gems. For example, hanging pictures on the corner of your wall just seems to be asking for an accident to happen. One accidental brush up against a the jut and you’ll be cleaning up broken picture glass.

Real Estate Home Staging


And, maybe I’m overthinking this but converting your balcony into a bedroom looks cozy but seems a little iffy. How would that mattress not be infested with bugs and mold within a month?

Home Staging Do's and Dont's


Other ideas, however, like this article on minimalist living, are quite practical, and are especially perfect for people who are preparing their home for sale and want to cut down on the sheer volume of flotsam and other items in their home.

How to cut clutter before showing a home


Or home sellers who are planning some DIY home staging. How do you stage a kid’s room when they refuse to let you pack away a single book or toy? Obviously, you have to get creative with your kid’s room storage.

Home Staging Kids Rooms Tips


If you haven’t yet, why not check out IKEA’s Ideas for some inspiration? You might find some great ideas for your next home project or tips for staging your home for your next real estate sale. And, if you do, you can always share your finished results to the #IKEAinspo and possibly have your fan photo published.

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